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  1. Big elbow drop (King Kong Bundy) Rear headbutt with single underhook body toss (Andre The Giant) 2nd turnbuckle falling back elbow drop (Ted Dibiase) New Last Ride Back suplex to apron - outside the ropes. Prime Time Players tag team suplex to splash Repeated Full nelson turnbuckle face smashes (Damien Sandow) Underhook knee strikes (Damien Sandow) New European Uppercut Standing double foot stomp (Cesaro) Cesaro Swing (Still same Giant Swing animation) Ambrose Running Knee Trembler Reverse STO to turnbuckle (Seth Rollins) Springboard knee strike (Seth Rollins) Buckle Bomb (Seth Rollins) New Skywalker/Shiranui animation Moves look great.
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