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  1. So Jeff, Seth and Brock losing their titles? It sucks but I can see it happening. I want Jeff to have a lengthy run but I can see the titles changing brands unfortunately.
  2. Have they been told to not go all out or something? Im so confused
  3. Are the crowd dead?! Whats happening?
  4. Both Rumble winners losing would be a piss take
  5. Its obvious its going to be five on one with Braun and thats how wwe thinks itll be okay for him to eat a pin
  6. I hope Finn is in the chamber.
  7. Reigns about to look strong pinning Braun at Elimination chamber - will they let up on Braun after Roman looks strong? Probably.
  8. Predictable end but always nice to see Braun wrecking everything
  9. Enzo is getting better and better. I quite enjoy him as champ.
  10. Pretty sure you just committed a murder
  11. Cmon, Enzo is improving in the ring and heel Enzo is bringing life to 205 live.
  12. Where is Reigns on this card? We know he has to be on it but I don't see any fueds for him right now.
  13. I'm okay with this but let Braun beat him at No Mercy please.
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