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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a particular finisher, but I'm having trouble with the volume of moves in 2K22. I downloaded Defract's amazing A-Train, but I noticed he had the Lord Tensai Claw Hold finish as his #2. I want to swap it out for the Train Wreck, the gutwrench backbreaker he did onto his knees- SvR vets might remember. Does anyone know if this move is still in?
  2. Obviously, we shouldn't be removing features at this point, but imo this one isn't a big loss. The writing in nearly all of them was corny as hell, and I don't think the boosts it gave were worth the time of loading them up. It was a nice idea, but not very well-implemented.
  3. Honestly, even without hair or finished structure, this is looking a LOT like Paige already. That's one hell of a texture. Looking forward to everything you put out this year, dude!
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