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  1. Can't find him. Is he still uploaded? Which name do I search?
  2. I'd love to have Walker. Is he uploaded?
  3. Does anyone use Exhibition mode for your Universe? I'm thinking I would have much more fun using Exhibition. I just can't seem to get Universe mode to work how I'd like it. I set it up how I wanted it but when I looked at the first card it booked Cena and Ambrose twice and they are in separate rivalries. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. I love Wallace. Would you mind uploading him? I would love to have him in my Universe.
  5. Awesome thanks! Morgan, Edwards, Santarelli, and Sullivan are definitely my favorites. I just have to download Santarelli and Sullivan. Thanks again! Awesome caws!!
  6. I love Santarelli. Is he uploaded?
  7. I would like to contribute some caws for your universe. I will let you know when I upload them.
  8. Just wondering if anyone can help me out with a name for my original caw universe show. My promotion is NOW....with the motto being "The Future is NOW." I need a name for my main show that fits with the motto. Any ideas?
  9. Really nice work with the PPV promo. Looks like a great match card. Do you do all the work yourself?
  10. They're up. Thanks man! I really appreciate it!
  11. I really love Hambright, Keyes, and Sinclair. Any chance you can post those again?
  12. Are any of these up on CC? You have a lot that I would like to download for my universe.
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