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  1. TIL The final live episode of Shotgun Saturday Night was on my birthday
  2. What's the difference between Fire Pro NJPW and the one that's out now? Can't you just download an entire New Japan roster now?
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn. I feel like the elemental effects are bugged in the DLC. I hit a machine that's weak to shock 6 or 7 times in a row and it doesn't get stunned, when 3 times would stun it in the main game
  4. Got a PS Store card for Christmas so I'm playing the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC
  5. Not WWE related, but Today I learned the Motor City Machine Guns were punished for a year by Vince Russo for refusing to blade during an angle with Team 3D
  6. For real? Or just people thinking it is? I honestly don't even know what it sounds like so no sarcasm here. The lyrics: Yeah, once again WWE keeping it PG. I mean the song was before the PG era
  7. First Avengers Alliance now Heroes. Good job, Disney
  8. My fianceé and I saw Lazer Team 2 last night. It was pretty funny and featured the best RTAA/RT Podcast reference ever
  9. Wasn't Larry Sweeny bipolar?
  10. Whose Spot was the highlight for me. They all did surprisingly well, having no improv training and little prep time
  11. My fianceé and I just caught glimpses of it. But we saw that they reached the goal so that's good.
  12. Why would he stalk Kurt when Alexa will be there? Bitches wanna *Censored* him, cause he looks like Rambo
  13. My fianceé and I booked tickets to see Lazer Team 2 on Tuesday. With reclining seats! (We live in the middle of *censored*ing nowhere so the reclining seats are a bonus for us) We're both fans of Rooster Teeth, and the first movie was fun enough. Even if the movie is disappointing, we'll still have fun. We're excited
  14. This video is so good. Really hope they give him the belt. All of his videos are really good. He's great at explaining storylines and storytelling to casual fans or people that are turned away from New Japan because of the language barrier. To the second part, I hope so too. Winning it at the Tokyo Dome would be the ultimate full circle story
  15. how the *Censored*dude used Ambrose's old tight shield tank top & longsleeve shirt and put body textures all over it. one with white paints on its face uses a small robin-esque mask. I remember someone last year did something similar with his Anti-Venom attire, but it looked *censored*ing awful. This actually looks decent
  16. I knew she liked Finn/was biased towards him on the show, but I didn't know about the fantasies part. I guess she's living the dream. Good for her
  17. The Death Note movie seemed like the director watched a lot of Final Destination and very little of the actual show. I don't mind creative licenses with stuff like this, but it seemed like everything that they changed were the things that made the show interesting.
  18. Is Ryderfan aware of that?
  19. There's a subculture of people with jobber fetishes
  20. The Rock died on set, filming a stunt (My mom saw a hoax post on Facebook, and showed me )
  21. Just discovered this in my recommends. It's a pretty cool detailed summary of Okada and Tanahashi's rivalry https://youtube.com/watch?v=Y82ElzYuMaY
  22. Finally finishing up Horizon Zero Dawn. Just got the Shield Weaver armor and got Blazing Suns on all the hunting trials. Now I'm just collecting all the vantage points and metal flowers until I progress in the story, because I feel like I'm over halfway done
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