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  1. Thank you for the reupload. My save data deleted itself and I lost your caws, so you can imagine the displeasure I felt when I discovered your creations were removed. 10/10. Would come again.
  2. I'm liking the X-Pac so far, maybe go with the Curt Hawkins top though. The Hogan can probably use darker skin. The last one is Juventud right?
  3. I'm going to knit pick a little, however I've been following your CAW's for years and they're probably the best. Anyway, the mustache looks good from a front view, however looking at it from the side, it bother's me how it looks, flat? I guess. Same with last year's Hogan. Other than that, good competition for WolfgangJTs Hogan.
  4. JDsorento


    I like to think of myself as somewhat of a CAW purist and I think that looks pretty good. Would definitely download. Any Older attires planned? Is it uploaded?
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