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  1. All you had to do was reupload those logos in the uploaded and reapply each one in game. They will appear. Dope that everything works now. These attires are RAD man!
  2. awesome work on these 2 just a quick thing there was a slight camo pattern on Ciampas tights not sure if you added it downloading regardless You can literally see the camo pattern in the photos...
  3. Glad to hear it. That attire is probably my favorite now but it was such a pain to make, mostly when dealing with the armpit area. Had to keep going to poses and giving him the new AJ pose to get a look. Really wish there was some kind of t-pose toggle or something. Thanks, really appreciate it So kinda going outta left field here but anyone interested in these KO attires? Made these a while ago and figured I'd ask. No textures were used, just in-game logos. Yes please I am dying for some great KOs
  4. 6/10 Too creepy for "The Ascension"
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