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  1. EvilMeanie

    WCW Project

    That Public Enemy you put up is top notch. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor before I could download them. Thank you so much for taking the time!
  2. EvilMeanie

    WCW Project

    Didn't Kreativ make one? With an attempt to do his weird jacket thingy?
  3. I would love to see the red and white attire he wore to cut his promo the night after Fall Brawl. Anything other than that would be entirely up to you. I love the green and black paint with the black tights and multicolored scorpion logo a whole bunch, but I honestly would love any surfer w/ brown hair Sting you would be willing to put out.
  4. I noticed in the WCW Project thread that you did an early crow Sting with the old school face paint style. I would love it if you put that up. I would also love it if you'd give that Sting just *one* Surfer style look so I could capture that pre-crow era perfectly.
  5. EvilMeanie

    WCW Project

    I'd love to grab your Norton if possible. I'm a bit late to this and totally missed his existence entirely!
  6. EvilMeanie

    WCW Project

    Ice Train would be so fun. Especially if he still does Norton. Their classic submission match must be recreated!
  7. EvilMeanie

    WCW Project

    I can't thank you enough for all the work. It was such a cool surprise to see such quality stuff come out this late into the game. I never, never thought I'd have such a perfect Mongo on 2k19. Would you ever remotely consider doing Public Enemy? No worries if not, you've definitely done enough, and I could see PE not necessarily fitting the WCW theme you wanna go for, but, hey, they were an integral part of the early days of Nitro and I figured it couldn't hurt to mention them.
  8. You are primarily responsible for my ECW universe being as fun as it is. Is there any shot at all of Public Enemy?
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