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  1. CyBruis


  2. CyBruis

    Gunner:By CyBruis

    Yes. I will upload at lot of Caws before Wwe2k16. Come out. But I need someone to help with Gunners Tattoos
  3. CyBruis

    Gunner:By CyBruis

    Gunner I need help with his Tattoos.So if anyone has his tattoos can u please inbox me.
  4. I made Darren Young to give you guy his new look. I hope you Guys like him? I got to fix his face texture and skin color. Darren Young
  5. Christopher Daniels Christopher Daniels Updater 4/6/15. i will upload him this Wednesday. i will add Move-set and entrance tomorr.
  6. I will post a new pic of him tonight
  7. Chris Maters Caw:By Cybruis Texture & Attire:By Jehovah001 Move-Set:By Cybruis Entrance:By Jehovah001 Jehovah is work on a better face texture and his arms tattoos.
  8. I made the wolves to go with your Hardy Boyz. I will post a pic of Davey tomorrow. They really look like them. All new Davey and Eddie
  9. Wow its go to here u say that. You are one of my best caws maker. Thank u
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