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  1. My apologies for the cellphone photo. Not the first caw I've eve made, of course, but this is the first one I've put any effort into. Just looking for some feedback.
  2. TitanTron

    KS Showcase 2K15

    Mind uploading the pics to something other than image shack?
  3. We're all aware by now, the Xbox One/Playstation 4 versions of WWE 2k15 will feature the ability to edit everyone on the roster, and it's been confirmed that this feature will replace Threads, and presumably Superstar Heads (since it would have no reason to exist anymore). Last year, Superstar Heads featured two characters that were not otherwise playable: Paul Heyman and Roddy Piper. In fact, Heyman is still able to be made in the last gen versions of 2k15! So, what am I getting at? Well, this "Superstar Editor" feature could potentially be the answer to the "Where is so-and-so" questions. If not this year, then maybe in upcoming installments. If this is a mode separate from Create-A-Superstar, then much like Superstar Heads before it, there could be "Superstar Editor Exclusive" characters. For example, Sin Cara could be in the game after all, but only from this Superstar Editor, where you can give his gear any color or pattern you want, AND you can decide which Sin Cara it is, depending on whether or not you keep the tattoo on there. The Sin Cara character was basically made for this feature. Maybe you want to beat up Paul Heyman? Well, just like last gen, HE could be available in this feature too, as could the other managers and scanned in characters. Sid Justice, Bill DeMott, Zeb Coulter, etc. All technically playable. Legends like Scott Hall and Jake Roberts? Maybe, who knows? Would it be at the cost of a Caw Slot? Sure. Would it be the very best thing for them to do? Probably not, but it could happen, and In my book, it'd be better than having to buy them. Frankly, I'd enjoy having the option of them being absent from my game entirely. "Is David Otunga on the roster?" "No." "DLC?" "No." "Well is he available from that superstar editing thing?" "Yes." "Do I have to make him?..." "Of course not." "Oh thank god." Since we'd most likely see 1001 Heath Slater Caws this year anyway, might as well just throw him in that mode, right? People who complain about "Wasted roster slots" can choose not to add the extra jobbers and attires, and people unhappy with the "Lack of a true to life roster" can choose to make their roster as true to life as they want it to be. The only particularly huge downside is the quarter-sized amount of CAW slots, and that's only going to go up in the coming years. So, what do you think?
  4. I'm glad DB's hair is better than it was in the trailer. I mean, we all should have expected it, since the same thing happened with CM Punk in WWE '12, but still. Looks really good. If I had to pick one thing I didn't like, it's the "YES" chants from the crowd are a little awkward.
  5. As we now know, not everyone on the roster has been scanned. We're all aware that CM Punk was not scanned, but now it seems as though there are a few guys on the roster that some folks aren't so sure about. Take The Rock, for instance. If he was scanned, he's probably not the best example of what this tech can achieve. After watching the most recent trailer, I'd say he looks kiiind of like The Rock, but just... Not quite right, you know? I did some photo editing, and came up with what I feel is a fair representation of what could have been: Before (No editing): After (Edited): So, what's keeping them from being able to just make something that looks closer to that? Something that doesn't necessarily look scanned, but still looks like the person it's supposed to be? What we're getting doesn't look like The Rock, to me. Looks like a dude named Justin, who likes to say he's The Rock's cousin, but calls you names when you ask him to prove it... Nobody likes Justin. It's all subjective, of course. Hell, we've had un-scanned wrestlers for all of the previous years, and plenty of those were fine! I think Ric Flair and Antonio Cesaro from last year's game are great examples of that, but for every good one, there's a Booker T. So, as the title inquires, what's the deal? Why do you suppose some wrestler's models (Excluding the scanned ones) can look nearly perfect, while others don't? Could it just be laziness on the modelers part, or is there something about some wrestlers faces, like The Rock, Edge, ETC., that makes it more difficult to achieve a great likeness? I don't know for sure, but I'm curious to see how Visual Concepts is going to tackle the "Un-scan-able" guys from here on out.
  6. I've noticed this. A lot of the glossy/reflective attires are SUPER shiny. I've managed to make it work in my favor a few times, but for the most part, its just mildly annoying. Hopefully next year they'll add the option to select the color and intensity of reflective surfaces, but untill then there isn't much to do about it but mope.
  7. They never said that, to my knowlege. When did they say only heavyweights could to the big boot against the ringpost?
  8. The only time the game has frozen on me was while trying to make an invisible caw. Other than that, I've had no problems so far.
  9. Not sure if anyone already brought this up, but the invisible caw glitch NO LONGER WORKS I assume this is a good tthing for people tired of seeing invisible Caws/floating heads online, but to anyone who would like to try, don't bother. I tried it twice trying to make Zach Gowen, and the game freezes every time.
  10. It wouldn't work out, as they would get into an argument in that section, start to dislike each other and continue it toward the other threads...making it much worse. As far as opinions. This is a forum, for people to express their opinions, good or bad. It's just some people take it serious and think it's fact You're right. I hadn't though much about how that kind of thread might effect some folks outside of it. Well, anyway, I hope some solution to this issue can be found.
  11. A good point, but what is your opinion on having a more argument friendly section?
  12. Maybe its not my place to bring this up, maybe it is. In any case, I feel this is something that needs to be said, so here goes. I've been noticing a little trend on these forums, specifically in the wwe2K14 general chat. Threads full of flaming, anger, arguments, what have you, get closed far too late, and I believe its because the source of such threads isn't being adressed properly. I feel that what is classified as flame-baiting is only the half of it, and that there is too much leniency when it comes to it. With all due respect, the general consensus amongst the mods seems to be that stating and opinion is not flame-baitng, and while that is sometimes true, the fact remains that opinions do... Well... Bait flames! Disagreements spawn arguments, and not a lot can change that. I personally feel that threads and topics that merely state an opinion should be considered spam and be locked much sooner than they have been, as all they have been doing is provoking and/or spawning quarrels. I also prepose that there be an official debate/argument thread for the wwe 2k14 general chat section, so people who wish to agrue can do so in an environment that isn't as restricted. As I said, I have no clue if it's my place to bring any of this up, but I sincerely feel that if changes such as the ones I suggested are made, it could benifit this little comunity.
  13. I, too, Ordered the Phenom Edition in August, and have no intention of canceling. We're in the same boat! Who let you onto my boat, spookyman? .................................................................................................... Anyway, In all seriousness, yes, I'm looking forward to this game. I don't have nearly as much to complain about as others on this forum, And from looking at it, I think the gameplay has actually improved from last year! I'm liking the fidget animations, and the fact that opponents focus on each other during matches. The "fighting style" looks the same, but I'm fine with that because I liked it that way last year. I know I'll be playing this game for upwards of 8 months. I do every year. With all the new features announced, I'm thinking this year will be no different. Heck, I might be playing even longer, as I plan to finally connect my 360 to the ol' series of tubes, and play online. Poor sports, hackers, cheaters, glitchers, and lag aside, that's a whole new feature right there I've never even used before. Can't we just block those people, and find some cool folks to play with, anyway? VERY excited for this game.
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