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Status Updates posted by TravisDelRey

  1. zack is dumb for going with eve :P

  2. zack ryder is so stupid lol

  3. LOL! Karen J? That'll be interesting! Tell me when your on, and I'll try to get on if I CAN.

  4. sory! didn't get on! how're your caws? any almost done, you haven't updated in a while. this weekend i can go to bed at whenever time i want, woo!

  5. Kk I'll be on shortly after. I'm doing some roleplay right now.

  6. oh LOL! Tell me when you're online, i'd love to show you my rhaka khan. fails, but I still wanna match with you.

  7. missed you by 20 mins -_-! come on

  8. missed you by 20 mins -_-! come on

  9. want me to come on? who're you working on?

  10. Omg bro, we need to play online again! Haha just checked, and you were offline :(! We had so much fun last time :P! Tell me when ur on!

  11. oh np! thanks for the caw she's great. see ya later?

  12. MMK, tell me if you can? I'll try to get on by like 8. BUt send me picture updates ONCE you get home.

  13. =(! I'll try. If I wake up around like 9:30 est time, would you still be on?

  14. Show me on PM! :) And I can't wait!! I'll TRY to wake up early, I can't play for long now. Is there another time we could possibly play?

  15. Your caws are amazing! Could I get the forumla for Maddie and A.J please?

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