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Everything posted by bdking4

  1. He played it well last night. I'm hoping when the Elite eventually starts feuding we get full Cleaner back.
  2. Definitely remember your work from back in the day. Welcome back, way to kill it with this Jericho. Well done.
  3. So good. The match itself was an absolute blast. The montage was perfect. I wonder what the one last thing to do was. Maybe win the tag titles. Or maybe wrestle against some.....Top Guys.
  4. Cash Wheeler, Dax Haywood, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Miro, Matt Cardona, Brian Myers, Deonna Puerrazzo, and Crazy Mary Dodson. Yes that's a lot of wrestlers, but would help bolster the tag division even more, and help with the women's division some.
  5. I'm a moron. My logos were full. Didn't realize you could keep downloading with it full. The logos are there on Orange and Archer. Great work. Looks awesome in game.
  6. Negative. Same thing seemed to happen with Archer for me.
  7. Logos for Hager and Orange seem to disappear in game.
  8. Man it's disappointing that all the DLC is going to be fictional and not anymore added from NXT or NXT UK. Real shame.
  9. I doubt it. Probably in the season finale with Lucille.
  10. Watched Swagsuke's last match and post match promo this afternoon, man, someone was cutting onions near me.
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