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  1. Bush is going to take Big E on and bring in the enforcer, Cheney. Gore drops down from the rafters while Bryan rides a Porsche to the ring to make the save. Then Putin shows up on the screen and we have the main event for Capital Punishment 2 in the works.
  2. I think Bryan is into stuff like that, he mentioned something similar a while back. I think he's into politics as well. It just felt so random and vague, like is Big E gonna cut a shoot promo on Bush now?
  3. Why did Bryan talk about Big E and 911 on Twitter?
  4. Yeah I think its a video package. Damn it 2k, you've done it again.
  5. I'm stupefied by how damn good that looks. Wait i think that's a clip nvm.
  6. Hoping Punk's model was a WIP.
  7. Some of them don't even have the effects on them like Del Rio and a few others. It looks weird. They did the same thing last year with a ton of renders. Exactly, it feels so half-assed and inconsistent.
  8. State of these mishmash renders. Like they throw em into a photoshop blender and hit ON.
  9. Isn't that where Jericho was doing his awesome comeback gimmick and Sheamus won? I like that one quite a bit myself.
  10. 1992 and 2004 were my favorites. Welcome back Rockstar. What's up mang?
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