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  1. Top 5 probably Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly Dr. Dre - Compton Jay Rock - 90059 The Game - The Documentary 2/2.5 Scarface - Deeply Rooted Enjoyed Action Bronson, Mac Miller, Earl, Lupe & Joey’s. Still need to listen to a buttload.
  2. Comedy has been in wrestling for decades and absolutely has a place. Product placement is just easy money and would be bad business not to do it. It's not like it's forced down your throat like this delicious Mountain Dew I'm drinking right now, mmmm. Do The Dew! They won't change as long as they keep making good money. Declining ratings won't do much. They won't go that worryingly low anyway as people will always watch WWE, because while the product sucks a lot of the time, it's not like it's completely god-awful. It's very easily accessible, easy on the eye (though not on the brain) and the home of some of the most talented wrestlers/performers in the world putting on good matches consistently, even if their stories suck.
  3. Nah this is all just an elaborate plan to make Big Show the one to beat the one who beat the one who put the one in twenty one and one.
  4. The title hasn't lost prestige. Anything Brock Lesnar does is important. If Brock wasn't making things seem like a big deal and special occasion then the WWE Title would just defended in matches between guys that have already wrestled each other in nothing matches on RAW numerous times that month. There is nothing special or prestigious about Roman Reigns vs Big Show (Bryan/Kane last year) and even Reigns vs Rollins is.nothing special anymore. Also with MITB... The World Title looks more important/prestigious/special because Seth only has very limited windows to try and cash in while Brock's champion, it's a unique situation that they haven't taken advantage of. There should be a sense of urgency. Seth should want the Title off Brock one way or another so he has a better chance of becoming champion himself, because if Brock wins at WM who knows when Seth's next chance to cash in will be... whereas when Reigns is champ there's no urgency, no unique situation, nothing special. The Authority goons could easily beat up Roman every show and take the title like it's nothing. Then there's Brock. We all know what happened when Kane and Big Show were in the ring with him. No way the Title has lost prestige.
  5. I was expecting to be a little underwhelmed by Crowe, but LOL. His look is just all-round terrible. His finisher is one of the worst I've ever seen. Finger Poke of Doom > whatever the *Censored* Crowe does. His gimmick is pretty lame, but needs more time to see what it's even supposed to be. His theme is kinda stupid (This is not a test...? Okay?) Makes it even worse that I was a fan of Test, so yeah, you're certainly no Test. Also "caw caw" LOL. It's pretty bad when Bull Dempsey is better than you. Only things he has going for him is the fact he lost weight or whatever, saved someone from a car wreck, and has a decent reputation, but none of them mean shit really. Rest of the episode was pretty cool though as usual. First time I've been entertained by Adam Rose in like ever. Breeze was on point. Everything with all the women is great. Alex Riley was great (can't believe I just said that). Sami, Owens, Enzo & Cass, CJ and the Rhyno video all good. Little bored of Corbin, though his matches aren't long enough for me to resent him so it's whatever. That guy who lost to Corbin looked a bit crap, but the tag team looked decent enough. Blake and Murphy are still meh.
  6. It makes the most sense. There is no reason for him to come back as The Deadman, what is he going to do start his streak all over again? WTF? So he's only the Deadman/Phenom because of the streak then? That's not what I'm trying to say. With him being "The Deadman", he's pretty much this supernatural being that is immortal. Now that his undefeated streak at 'Mania is blemished, there would be no point, 'cause Lesnar proved that he is mortal in the biggest of ways. Tthat was directed mainly at FulGore's "what is going to do start his streak all over again?" like that's all he was about. That's one of the reasons I'm glad it's over since it just became a burden, it overshadows everything else he's done in his career and some people act like that's what defines him.
  7. Same. Mother*censored*er had me excited when he was talking about being home and shit in his interview post-match.
  8. Even with the beard most of them look like trannys. Foreshadowing Reigns making Lesnar look like a bitch.
  9. The Lunatic Fringe The Vigilante The Powerhouse The Big Guy The Architect The Aristocrat The Big Red Monster The Show-Off The Viper/Apex Predator Controlled Frenzy Wow that's too many. And I read them all in Michael Cole's voice. Oh God. At least half of them are perfectly fine nicknames.
  10. It makes the most sense. There is no reason for him to come back as The Deadman, what is he going to do start his streak all over again? WTF? So he's only the Deadman/Phenom because of the streak then?
  11. How would a one-on-one match with Bryan have helped his character development? I think Ziggler vs Bryan one-on-one could have been seen as Ziggler's ascend into the upper-midcard, which would be very fitting because of all he has accomplished recently. He's already in the upper-midcard though. Actually he's pretty much at the ceiling of the upper-midcard. There's not much left for him to do other than have a solid main event run, a Rumble win and a really big Wrestlemania match/moment... which I don't consider Ziggler vs Bryan to be since it would be like the 6th most important match on the card. Plus it wouldn't really be doing anything for his character simply wrestling Bryan. If there was some sort of story that involved his character developing then yeah...
  12. How would a one-on-one match with Bryan have helped his character development?
  13. He's not being buried at all. He's still held in a higher regard than Cesaro, and even Cesaro isn't being buried. That's our ray of light right there. But let's not forget, Vince also claimed to have liked Punk and we all know what happened with that. Yeah, #2 guy with a long list of accolades. Let's hope Ambrose doesn't end up like Punk, right?
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