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  1. Man I thought last weeks episode was pretty boring, but holy shit, this weeks is one of the dullest I can remember. The dialogue and character interactions in this show are nowhere near good enough to carry episodes with such little action.
  2. I could take him more serious and thought he looked more intimidating when he was WHC, and in Team Hell No before he grew his hair.
  3. Nope. The beard gives him credibility and is a big part of his image and appeal. Besides, he's such a babyface without a beard. What?
  4. Played through the whole game in first person and the only thing that wasn't easy was landing helicopters. Didn't take long to get used to everything else.
  5. Snow Not nearly enough time to really enjoy it, especially with online not working half the time it was there.
  6. I hate that nearly every fight I have ends with a lame ass kick to the leg.
  7. No way they could get sued for that.
  8. Yeah you should watch it. Real good shit. I'm gonna watch it again soon when I've finished The Wire for the third time.
  9. The other day I couldn't get on after not playing online for a while. It kept saying timed out loading session etc... Different issue I think, but maybe the solution I used might work. I went to the Social Club and unlinked my gamertag, then linked it again and it's worked fine since.
  10. Do it with the police after you. At first I was collecting them in a chopper, and not being very careful so it would be wrecked after 3 or 4 parts, then stealing a car got the police on me which led to some great shootouts and chases in locations I wouldn't have otherwise had that experience... Like I never tend to go near the junkyard area, but had probably the best fight with the police I've ever had when I was around that area. Might take you longer, but it makes things more interesting.
  11. Surely you must be kidding. The atmosphere for the Undead Nightmare DLC was perfect. I know people who like that DLC more than the main game. I personally like the main game a lot more than the DLC, but it was excellent DLC. I played it a few months ago and it was *censored*ed. Half of the time the zombies didn't have heads, so it was really hard to kill the fast moving crawling ones, or they would just turn in to normal peds (usually prostitutes) and run away flailing their arms, meaning I had to chase them all down to kill them and complete whatever tasks. Even when it was working properly it just got repetitive and felt uninspired and like a chore sometimes. There were some good parts, but it was nowhere close to being as good as the main game. Story was pretty crap. It started off cool, some bits with Seth and other old characters were good, and a few areas like the nuns place, but overall it was just disappointing. Plus the ending stunk. I didn't expect a big spectacular happy ending or whatever, but I was just like wtf is that it? Glitches aside, I think the general atmostphere was good, but as an overall experience Undead Nightmare wasn't very good to me.
  12. If they make zombies, it better be a million miles better than RDR. That was the worst thing Rockstar has done in I don't even know how long.
  13. I'm guessing you lost said race, so if these mofos can't drive what does that say about you? I don't go spinning people out 5 seconds into the race like a moron. And losing races makes you a bad driver? Nice logic. Let me guess, you're one of them kids that can't win unless you spin someone out? Lol I wasn't being super cereal, but just because someone spins you out straight away doesn't mean they can't drive. Some of the best people I've raced against have been slimeballs who will take you out at every possible opportunity. If spinning someone out or running them off the road is the difference between winning and losing, like if I can ram some sucka on the last corner and steal the win then I'll take that opportunity. And you guess wrong. Sometimes I'll just do non-contact races if I'm not in the mood for letting other people have an affect on my driving.
  14. I'm guessing you lost said race, so if these mofos can't drive what does that say about you?
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