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  1. Any news for Gangrel? It's simply perfect...and i need only him to complete my universe
  2. Updated first post. All uploaded, i made a Moveset for all 3 charachters, but not accurate. My future project: Damian 666 The Demon (WCW) Shark Boy And Maybe... (i don't have much time) Abyss Judas Mesias Crash Holly
  3. This Gangrel is perfect! you've already uploaded?
  4. Hello everybody, i'm back Also this year, with my classic creations...i try to do my best. Mortis (UPLOADED) TAG: Mortis, WCW, Kanyon The last image is what i think can look better, if the mask can work properly with long hairs free image upload Nunzio (UPLOADED) Tag: Nunzio, Little Guido, FBI image hosting Halloween (UPLOADED) Tag: Halloween, AAA, Damian 666 P.S. Sorry for my terrible English...all mistakes are of Google Translate
  5. I can try, but honestly i don't know where are the parts in moveset that need a season pass. However i will try a solution when i'll have time.
  6. Thank you all! @ cortez72: yes, I did a Mortis almost the same as last year, is the first superstar that I create every year since SVR 2006, but over the past two years, thanks to those who have discovered how to import textures I was able to improve it.
  7. Hello! sorry for the bad quality of the pics, but i can't capture screenshots. these are my caws: Thanks to the discovery of importation of logos without jailbreak, I decided to create superstars that I find. here is the list: Mortis (Done) Nunzio (Done) Gangrel (Done) Halloween (Done) Shark Boy (Done) The Demon (Done) Judas Mesias (Done) Tajiri (Done) Mortis (UPLOADED): Moveset (watched many footage), Entrance (i tried to do my best) and only one attire. Tags: Mortis, Kanyon, Glacier (for the old caw) but now i fixed and reupped a new one and tags are the same + WLF Nunzio (UPLOADED): Tags: WLF Little Guido ECW Quick moveset, entrance 3 attire Gangrel (UPLOADED): Moveset credit to BLAZINFIREHAWK, Entrance, only 1 attire. Tags: WLF, Attitude Judas Mesias (UPLOADED): Moveset credit to AK_guzman, Entrance, only 1 attire. Tags: WLF, TNA, Abyss Halloween (UPLOADED): Moveset credit to Grimoire1334, Entrance, 4 attire. Tags: WLF The Demon (UPLOADED): Moveset credit to GothicWeirdo87, Entrance, 2 attire. Tags: WLF, WCW Shark Boy (UPLOADED): Moveset credit to DrakeChocolate, Entrance, 1 attire. Tags: WLF, TNA Tajiri (UPLOADED): Entrance, 1 attire Credito to sicxmade_juggalo for moveset. Tags: WLF, Attitude, ECW
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