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  1. Happy Holidays people, I know it's been a while but I bring gifts lol. 8 new caws, well a few updated ones & some videos of caw updates & creations. Now they're all done & on the CC except for Donte' King but unfortunately I can't upload everybody at once as I only reached silver on the CC & have only 10 upload slots to work with so I had to replace the 1st group of caws with this 2nd group. As time passes I will continue to rotate different caws from the CC to try & give everyone a chance to download the ones that they want. Hopefully this pleases everyone until I reach the highest rank on the CC which will mean more caws slots for upload.
  2. 6 new caws added & a video for the creation of Alex Wolf, Jimi Valentine is also now available & also Alex Wolf is available. I will be uploading more to the CC as soon as I can, plus I can only upload 10 at the moment so I will have to start rotating people until I reach the next CC rank.
  3. Nic got banned from CAWS I believe back in 2011 for having a conflict of interest with a mod, who isn't even a mod here anymore...on the Xbox side. Seeing as he's doing pretty damn well on YT, he never bothered appealing the ban. And solid entries to the roster, Don. You never cease to amaze with your designs and concepts. Pretty much summed it up & I'd love to see the match myself, the CPU do be having some good matches this year
  4. Not yet, just started getting their logos together last night Just started get Ao logos together last night & idk about the other attire for virtue this year
  5. I am honestly just amazed at how well made & detailed all of these characters are. I thought i had attention to detail but WOW these really are some great creations, color me very impressed. Do you happen to have a YouTube channel showcasing their entrances? Would love to watch & again JOB WELL DONE!
  6. nice man & alot of backstory but still great
  7. NICE!!! These are great, love how they came out
  8. thats nice, i never thought those boots could work but i love how u did it
  9. these are nice man, they looking good this year
  10. really liking colt & king, the came out nice
  11. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I likes, i likes a lot, definitely downloading some of these. keep them coming bruh, think i might have Omar join his fam in Liber8.
  12. 3 new caws added & everyone is uploaded to the CC execpt for Jimi Valentine as I'm not able to upload more than 5 caws yet. I also decided to copy their moveset (except the sigs, fins, taunts) from a similar in-game superstar to upload my caws faster for you guys until I feel like doing the entire moveset myself. i just do random google image searches for tattoos & pick the ones i think fit the character
  13. Yes i do plan to bring those caws back as well, unfortunately i lost all of my data recently due to not being able to connect online or get on the PlayStation Store so i have to re-download EVERYTHING. Luckily i make sure to back my wwe content on the cloud whenever i create something so i should just pick up where i left off with no problem once everything is downloaded. Hopefully you guys understand the situation & sorry for the inconvenience.
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