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  1. @Lunchbox It was written as a pdf file. And, no there was no $150 charge indicated on the estimate. Just what it would be to fix repairs. Then I got the $150 sent to me in a seperate invoice. sorry to hear your sick. Prayers. Thanks for the advice.
  2. So been trying to get my roof repaired since late September. I called one roofing company, I assumed they gave free estimates (I can't recall the entire conversation but Im sure I asked that) they came out on Sep 25th. Nothing was said of a fee. Got my qoute/estimate sent to me through email on October 8th. Then five days later, I get a invoice that repairs were done and I owed them $150. No repairs were done, they only came out and seen the damage. I called them, I thought the problem had been resolved. And they dismissed the charge. Meanwhile, I was still trying to get other alternatives/qoutes from other companies. They called me two days ago, saying that they were still expecting this bill to be paid (they again did no work, they did a estimate.) they had told me that if I took them on to do the $1,000+ job they qouted me, they'd dismiss the $150. But, my brother whom is handling the payment, wants to go with a cheaper qoute we recieved from a different company, anyways. I told the lady how I really didnt want to pay this, and I was under the impression that it would be free for a estimate, she just blew it off. I asked to talk to the owner but they never called me back. Then an hour after this phonecall, I get a new email from them with a revised invoice, saying I owe $177 dollars, and that theyll be charnging a 10% interest each month until it is paid. Today, I got another invoice saying they miscaulated the $177, and that I owe $153 dollars. My sister says they're just trying to strongarm me but im worried if I dont pay their sue. Also, I dont think I should have to pay them when they did no repair... I also found out the owner of the company is the mayor of the city (not my city, but still) Any advice would be great. Or just encourage words would be appreative. This year sucked. I lost my dogs both this year, in the span of three months apart from one another.
  3. I was just wondering how the caws were coming along. :)

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