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  1. huh?

    WWE 2k20 Wishlist?

    Being able to enter/control a wrestler midmatch, (If I so choose. I believe this feature was in a past title, not sure if it's still in.) backstage brawls being booked in universe mode. (being able to have more then 1on1 brawls.) Entrance/Victory/Cutscenes to remove the black screen/logo loading screen popup before/after these events. (If possible. It'll just have your wrestler go straight into his match/victory sequence, etc.) More varied feuds, triple threat, group feuds (more then 2 people in a group. Think, DX vs. NOD) handicap (perhaps, a ally can join in on matches, beat downs, etc. Could lead to it changing into a tag team feud for a PPV.) Storylines in universe mode (for Feuds, I believe this was something that had in before, also, called collections? - Would like something like that implemented again. More cohesive cutscenes, that make sense from week to week. Not just attack scenes before/after matches all the time.) Draft simulation. Being able to add a caw as a alternate attire to a 2nd slot of the same caw (say you wanted four attires, they wouldn't have to act like their two different wrestlers.) More clothing/hair and especially tattoo chooses.
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