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  1. Chris Bosh Scott Lost Human Tornado Quicksilver Scorpio Sky.
  2. You’re welcome. Maybe if I give you a couple names and the time period on where to base their appearance from would be a less time consuming/daunting task? necro butcher 2005-2006 el generico 2005-2006 John Zandig 2005-2006 if you’d be kind enough to try one or all of these that would great. many thanks and keep up the good work!
  3. Wonderful caws. Would you be willing to work on some CZW caws from the 2005-2006 time period?
  4. Looking to see if anyone has any CZW CAWS from the 2005-2006 time period. I tried making the ones posted from that CZW save by the Brandon, but in all honesty they don’t look good at all. The attires on some were ok but the face morphing on most of them weren’t even passable. Anyways, if anyone has some better looking CZW CAWS please feel free to DM me. Thanks again! Regards, Justice
  5. IMO you make the CAW’s move set reflect the wrestlers most frequently used moves and such. Let’s say you have a Nigel Mcguinness caw for example. Nigel loved working the arm of his opponent. Even though his main finishers were a lariat and Tower of London. as far as catering a move set to clean or dirty, I’d just choose which style you want your caw to use. For example I have a Chris hero caw from the 05-06 period (thank you Cawisma). During that time period especially in the ROH vs CZW feud and after he was a heel. So his default setting is dirty. It just depends on the wrestler, the time period you’re going for and such.
  6. So transparency codes are mostly used for making things visible. You’d use these on layers that are on the butt or crotch area of a CAW. I know this is a late reply and you might have figured it out already but I thought I’d help just in case.
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