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  1. Tyson Dux vs Colt Cabana for the Smash Wrestling Championship
  2. Cinco De Mayo post I used to promote work through instagram. Was a hit, got a like from La Sombra and junk. I like it.
  3. Just became a sponsor of Smash Wrestling here in Toronto after they contacted me about the wrestling based stuff I've intermingled into my job started to get popular. Allows me to get advertising for myself from a company I've admired for a while and also to hang out with top wrestling talent getting some cool photo ops for my own advertising. Was something I thought I'd have to work a few years at, but it came within 4 months of me implementing my own marketing to my sales job.
  4. Bought NJPW World just now literally for this. Starts at 3am, I work at 1pm....challenge accepted
  5. I'm 24 and married. Bills, a career, blah blah blah all that adult stuff. I still drink and have fun, I rarely "get drunk" to the point where I end up with a hangover. I feel like getting trashed got boring when I was 18, but drinking never lost its allure. Hell, I have clients bring me bottles of scotch and stuff because they know I'll enjoy it. I get the feeling we're talking about two different things though, where I'd agree that getting hammered loses its allure in your 20s. Drinking by itself never would though.
  6. Idk, I moved 4 hours away from any friends I had and picked up a serious career and drinking is still pretty cool. If anything now the fact that I'm older allows me to have the money to try better drinks and go to different bars after work. Hell, I'm still always down to pick something up on the way home just to drink after work alone on a weekday. That shit is cool af being an adult.
  7. Just got mine today! Stoked that I signed up for 6 months, add to my collection every month. Philly Extreme should be a good one for December
  8. Probably AWFUL quality. If some other mask collectors come out saying they're alright I may scoop a Kalisto one tho
  9. I bought two of them, I'm gonna wear one while selling cars when I get it. Sucks to you cool kid!!!
  10. And I've officially purchased two of those New Day shirts. Thanks WWE
  11. Joey Bats put the city on his back! 6Side all day! That bat flip was the *censored*ing coolest shit to exist!!!
  12. Lets Go Blue Jays. Stroman about to pitch the lights out.
  13. People still absolutely love HHH and Austin, so no...we wouldn't. But, if you mean a modern power trip with like...Cena and Reigns...then, yeah. That would be garbage. Actually, if they were heel like the original PT was, then I don't think people would even have a problem with that... Yeah, I meant modern Power Trip. Idk, I think even as a heel now a days people would draw an issue with two top guys randomly being thrown together to win the titles off of the New Day or someone like Lucha Dragons.
  14. If "Two Man Power Trip" happened now, people would absolutely lose it. We'd have "#CancelTheNetwork" trending again and crowds just booing. Two top stars battling two other top stars for the tag belts.
  15. Pretty much the reason its one of my favorite matches. Was talking about that exact idea with a friend yesterday; that was Orton's career defining match and it elevated him to an absolute star. To go through that kind of match and make it that amazing when someone like Orton probably never would have had to, that was huge.
  16. Do a legit leather Balor Club one from Finn's entrance and I'm all over that
  17. Damn thats a great picture hahaha Congrats man!
  18. An absolute legend. And Vampiro. Gen knows wassup <3
  19. I'm gonna tell ya right now, stay on top of this. WWE tried to do the same to me with the first Kevin Owens shirt preorder. I ordered it in a large order, it went through, then I only received my other items in two packages. When confronted 4 months after, customer service told me that there was a problem with the order at the facility and that it never shipped. I told them that they have my money from my credit card and want my shirt. They said that I could only order one again and thats it. So after I yelled for like....20 mins about these idiots telling me I should order another one of the shirts I already bought and have a statement for they hung up on me. I blasted them on Twitter just because its fun to vent about corporations, then some stuff back and forth on twitter, then all of a sudden I have a shirt at my door. Moral of the story here is they will probably try and screw you around. Yeah, I might have to call them now. This is getting ridiculous. Do they have like...an email I can complain at instead? I really don't feel like talking to customer service people on the phone. I believe they do, but I think mine went unanswered which prompted me calling them. Emails are easier to brush off than someone on the phone yelling at you and wasting your day.
  20. Having a social life for starters lmfao maaaaaaaan
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