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  1. I'm more excited about Dickinson vs Fatu than Suzuki vs Gresham tbh.
  2. That's grimy. Almost HAVE to fight the dude cause that's low af
  3. Pay is always the #1 thing I won't put up with garbage on. Its the only reason I show up to any job. The only prerequisite to any of our relationships with our workplaces. Screw those guys
  4. Cardona as champ is probably my fav thing. Could have never imagined he'd be this amazing at working all of the GCW fans. Dude would have been a god in 1990s ECW lmao Really enjoying his run, and whoever takes the belt off him will be a mega star
  5. WWE's best shot at killing AEW is going with the 80s/90s style of showmanship again. Its very clear the larger than life, big meaty men fighting is more popular in mainstream overall than AEW's style. WWE took a big hit trying the indie style and getting out done, but Roman Reigns vs John Cena, Reigns vs Brock, and generally just dudes that look like super heroes draw so much more attention to the normal person and WWE does it so well. People absolutely love the exact wrestlers WWE wants, taller than 6'2" and looking juiced out of their minds
  6. YO HE TAPPED OUT WALTER!? God I love that. Then posing with his foot in the mountain he conquered. The visual is golden
  7. These guys giving us every bit of match that we wanted. It’s so emotional yet so indie-Riffic at the same time. I’m gonna miss NXT as it is
  8. I last posted in here in 2017...so lots since then. But I have 2 kids and bought a house this summer which is probably the best of it!
  9. Still suuuuuper fresh to the industry in general. I've watched him for years now since he was just riding with people trying to get a spot by setting up the ring and he's come a long way very quickly even on just intensity and mannerisms in ring. Hopefully he can pick up at least the Ken Shamrock level of intense promo or something that will help him coast. Dude is a work rate monster and that should take him far alone. Or get him a manager, pick one.
  10. I think I did this once wayyyyy back in the WWE 13 days....maybe 12! But I'm back again with better resources and a little more creativity and an org backed stream! Everything will be live on stream, and everything will be with YOUR created wrestlers. The only restriction is they can't be busted OVR wise (obviously) and have to be SOMEWHAT realistic. I'm not gonna lie, I'm down with The Fiend-like characters and Luchasaurus haha I'll be naming the Fed based on basically whatever cool created arenas I find on Community Creations. So if you have a world all drawn up and online for PS4, let me know and maybe you'll be our namesake Let me know how to download your guy, if you have a tag team partner to download, and I'll get them all set up in game. I'll also be doing a royal rumble outside of the universe to determine our first champions. PM me if you want to know where to watch as I'm not sure about the rules on that here anymore. Fire away! Who wants to join the People's Universe!
  11. This card looks like it should have been my fav EFed ever. Except it’s real as hell and probably going to be insane. I can’t imagine Darby vs Punk is anything but amazing. Excited to see Wight do work without handcuffs on him from WWE. He’s always been able to work and QT should give him a good match. I’m a permanent fixture in the Christian Coalition so excited for that match no matter what. give me Miro vs Kingston and it’ll be rounded out nicely
  12. Tyson Dux vs Colt Cabana for the Smash Wrestling Championship
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