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  1. I've come to terms with, and even thoroughly enjoy, the fact that WWE does the theatrics and grandeur better than anyone. I now watch WWE for the big juiced up looking titans throwing each other around and the insane theatrics and love it, and watch AEW and any indie I want for pure wrestling or insane spot fests. WWE does big fight feel better than anyone.
  2. That's grimy. Almost HAVE to fight the dude cause that's low af
  3. Pay is always the #1 thing I won't put up with garbage on. Its the only reason I show up to any job. The only prerequisite to any of our relationships with our workplaces. Screw those guys
  4. WWE's best shot at killing AEW is going with the 80s/90s style of showmanship again. Its very clear the larger than life, big meaty men fighting is more popular in mainstream overall than AEW's style. WWE took a big hit trying the indie style and getting out done, but Roman Reigns vs John Cena, Reigns vs Brock, and generally just dudes that look like super heroes draw so much more attention to the normal person and WWE does it so well. People absolutely love the exact wrestlers WWE wants, taller than 6'2" and looking juiced out of their minds
  5. I last posted in here in 2017...so lots since then. But I have 2 kids and bought a house this summer which is probably the best of it!
  6. Just became a sponsor of Smash Wrestling here in Toronto after they contacted me about the wrestling based stuff I've intermingled into my job started to get popular. Allows me to get advertising for myself from a company I've admired for a while and also to hang out with top wrestling talent getting some cool photo ops for my own advertising. Was something I thought I'd have to work a few years at, but it came within 4 months of me implementing my own marketing to my sales job.
  7. Bought NJPW World just now literally for this. Starts at 3am, I work at 1pm....challenge accepted
  8. I'm 24 and married. Bills, a career, blah blah blah all that adult stuff. I still drink and have fun, I rarely "get drunk" to the point where I end up with a hangover. I feel like getting trashed got boring when I was 18, but drinking never lost its allure. Hell, I have clients bring me bottles of scotch and stuff because they know I'll enjoy it. I get the feeling we're talking about two different things though, where I'd agree that getting hammered loses its allure in your 20s. Drinking by itself never would though.
  9. Idk, I moved 4 hours away from any friends I had and picked up a serious career and drinking is still pretty cool. If anything now the fact that I'm older allows me to have the money to try better drinks and go to different bars after work. Hell, I'm still always down to pick something up on the way home just to drink after work alone on a weekday. That shit is cool af being an adult.
  10. Just got mine today! Stoked that I signed up for 6 months, add to my collection every month. Philly Extreme should be a good one for December
  11. Its 100% nostalgia. The game was literally NEVER good, just lewd. Its an average game with a cult following, that includes me
  12. Not even. Obviously if you've never touched a fighting game outside of Smash then it'll be rough, but there's nearly like 2 seconds of latency from direction input to pressing A which makes it disgustingly easy to do the true Shoryuken. I do it on a 2DS circle pad
  13. Ryu is pretty sick tbh. I'm a hypocrite, but I'll probably be labbing the hell out of him on DS tonight. Just feels so fluid to play. Might grab Lucas and Roy as well depending on price.
  14. I love the DLC here, but it kills me for Fighting Games. At this point if you play competitive, you already have your mains and the meta has progressed quite a bit since launch. Now to pick up a whole new character that will have new movement styles and such will be a mess and put you a bit back. Might play as Ryu for the hell of it, but I'll be surprised if he tops lists as a tourney winning main
  15. Captain Falcon big time, same with Earthbound. But I find people know more about Earthbound than knowing Cap is from F Zero let alone have played F Zero. He's definitely known more now for the knee of justice in smash
  16. Yeah, but when we complain to them and they finally decide to respond, it's "Please understand." I'm not collecting all 38 of the SSB amiibos or the rest of the ones that will come out, I only want the ones that I play in Smash. It's just pretty bad out there when certain stores aren't getting enough in tough areas like where I live and they allow scalpers to buy out whole stocks just because they can. There has to be at least rules to this shit by now when we're 4 waves in. Some of the franchise amiibo being understocked I don't get because they think they're not that popular in America, when in reality they actually are. We've embraced Fire Emblem, Earthbound, etc. I just hope for no more store exclusives, that doesn't help the situation any more than it is right now. The prices are just as bad for those. $50 is way too much for Villager when I see him online for about $35-45. I think this last wave in America was a bit better than previous in terms of stock and quality, though. The stores around me (particularly Toys R Us) had a decent enough stock to sell of each, which is better. But you don't get it, you guys complaining that you want them so bad that they need more stock is just ammo for them to continue over stocking because they know that they will sell out and profit the second they drop. If someone buys out the whole stock? Good, they just made all their money they wanted. They're not looking to create and ideal situation where everyone can get one, they're creating demand
  17. Wasn't handled piss poor, was handled super smart. Look at the discussions they've caused, and look at the type of hunters like you that they've bred. Intentionally understocking exclusives for something so successful is so damned smart as long as you guys keep falling for it and continue acting ravenous every time they drop. They know its money
  18. Solution: Stop being and labeling yourself a "hunter". Will alleviate a lot of stress, and you'll still get one when you happen across one. Like normal people who want things like this.
  19. I don't like Elgin, hoping he gets ousted round 2 latest. I like the Kushida win, but Barbaro Cavernario was my pick and will be my pick until the end of time haha
  20. Good Link players who don't rely on projectiles are damned good in Sm4sh. They seriously will use like 2 or 3 bombs all match and those 2 or 3 will ALWAYS be perfectly timed to mess you up big time. Its a hassle. Spammers are easy because they don't know what to do if you grab them and start juggling. Usually Link's will Dair if you pop em up because they don't know better, roll, smash on the lag.
  21. I play Captain Falcon pretty much solo in Sm4sh. Sometimes goof around with Olimar because I like him and no one plays him #LowTierGod Melee: Cpt Falcon and Falco Brawl: Cpt Falcon, Falco, Olimar PM: Cpt Falcon, Falco, Olimar Sm4sh: Cpt Falcon
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