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  1. y0 @Intentz™ I'm listening to JT thinkin' 'bout u.
  2. It was there when I joined. I'm not certain, but a while for sure.
  3. Oh shit, we actually got a new skin.
  4. The good old days when I was a mod as well.
  5. It was a fun hobby. I can't really see myself going back to creating anytime soon, but thanks! At least 2K provided me with my copy of 2K19 for free.
  6. It messes up all the time tbh. Half the time I want to log in, the server is down.
  7. 8 years for me next month. Time certainly flew by!
  8. We do it here in Canada as well, so it's more so a North America thing. It's a bit rubbish, though. Some waiters and such expect a nice tip despite providing shit service.
  9. I'm entombed in a shrine of zeros and ones You know, you know
  10. Found out this girl I like at work is leaving. I shot my shot and got let down easy. Stings a bit, but it's better that I tried and got shot down. Otherwise my anxiety would've drove me nuts and I'd have lived with the regret of not asking.
  11. I'm still here. It was a confusing situation.
  12. Definitely WVIP. They both phrase their posts similarly.
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