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  1. I'm just going to assume the copy tool in general is just straight up broken. It keeps defaulting to old colors and attires even though I can clearly see it on the attire menu in Appearance mode of MyPlayer how I created it. That's it! You just made the list!
  2. Dude I've had two crashes while making my CAWs yesterday back to back literally after getting back into MYCAREER MODE so I can play the mode. Weirdly, when you put on one gear after copying another gear for the other side of your part, the gear that you copied if edited back again for one side will disappear. I've tested this over and over again and it's mos def shouldn't have passed QA Testing. Similar with hair and its coloring and eye shadows they'll default if you don't delete before putting it back on.
  3. Yo! This game is looking like the secret gem I never knew I wanted! I love how they're doing this like the NBA2k mycareer mode it seems. Now I'm excited for this year's edition.
  4. Listening to the previews of these songs beside Lil Uzi Vertz (I've already heard that song a lot), these aren't so bad as the Facebook comments make them. Seriously though, the roster and info drop for this game has been poor. I got to know WHO is on the roster so I can update my Universe for this game in WWE2K19. *sighs
  5. More masks in general would be greatly appreciated for all my lucha brothers and sisters. That's all I really would like to see in this year's edition.
  6. It seems like more and more Florida is just a laughing stock of a state. Can't even get their voting system straight.
  7. -No.HeRo-


    Good start. You're one of my favorite CAW creator dude. Can't wait to see more!
  8. -No.HeRo-


    It's just not up officially until the official release date which is the ninth. You can still earn them though.
  9. You mean like kicking you out back to the home menu? Explain.
  10. Hmm for my CAW, his signature would be arm twist pele kick and his finisher would be Mr.Perfect's dropkick. With this year adding that new double dropkick corner move, I'd likely use that as a second finisher.
  11. Dude look at this twitter. She's breaking down what has happened to her knowledge. It's very sad all around. https://twitter.com/emilybuckshot
  12. I'm really gutted now. I REALLY loved their Batman, Borderland and The Walking Dead series. Kinda figured this might've happened when I heard that they were handling multiple IPs at once once TWD season 1 popped off, they got too big for their own good sadly.
  13. So far, I'm pretty much not too excited. Nonetheless I'd get it once the Christmas discount rolls by. Fire Pro Wrestling and 2k18 is keeping me occupied for now.
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