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  1. After reading these comments I dont even want to convert my universe moe or caws from 2K19 over to 2K20. Guess I'm gonna start modding my PC version of 2K19. Is there any possible way to enjoy universe mode on 2K20 with CC or no?
  2. Thanks man sad WWE 2K20 is a hot mess afraid of making caws on there and then the logos,moves,etc is uploaded blank. I have a few more creations ready to go and a new one i made for 2K19. Only have 5 slots to upload tho. Might take a shot at Amor king & Kid Muscle next.
  3. Its been a long time since I've uploaded my creations to this community. I decided to share some of my caws this year since wwe 2K20 is such a hot mess 2K19 will be a start. I will be uploading my caws periodically when I have the time due to being in the army now. Tags for all of my uploads: MR.SMITH / JAY718 / TEKKEN DLC #1 O.G. CAWS Brandon Gates The Muscle of Money. Power and Respect. (MPR) Debut: WWE 2K17 JAY (me) Leader of MPR. Made myself Debut: Smackdown! HCTP Dave East The Harlem loc of MPR & one of my top favorite rappers of this generation PAIN This caw is one of my favorites. He is like the undertaker of my original caws. Haven't made him since WWE 2K15 and decided it was time to bring back my SD vs Raw 2007 legend. Debut: SD vs Raw 2007 KING This is by far My favorite CAW & Tekken character. I make him in every wwe game I've own. I used my own Tekken 7 to create his logos and all. I promise you this is the best KING out there download the others and none will compare! Debut: SD vs Raw 2011 COMING SOON DLC #2 WWE'12-2K15 Show Stoppers
  4. Okay Thanks alot I'll give it a shot
  5. I am trying to post pictures of my created caws on the site. I usually use imgur but idk how its been years. Any help?
  6. Mr.Smith

    KS Showcase 2019

    This is dope af
  7. Man these are dope got me motivated to start working on my original caws for 2K20
  8. Dope work these stable fits will do justice in my universe mode
  9. Great work as always. gonna DL these today
  10. What app do you use to post your caw pics on here?
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