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  1. I'm looking for, preferably, minimal added image creations of TK Cooper and Chief Deputy Dunne. Thank you.
  2. The PWG titles should still be up. I didn't create them but I can try and re-up them if they aren't still up.
  3. Progress wrestling's TK Cooper Caw and moveset please.
  4. Got it. Thank you. Very good job!
  5. Anything is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. masada1978

    Jeff Cobb Preview

    Phenomenal on all of these! I wouldn't normally ask but I've seen other requests. No one ever makes Jack Sexsmith so I'll ask. Any chance?
  7. One bump. Someone please give him a shot. Thank you.
  8. Aaw tag titles please. Someone did the heavyweight and Heritage but no tag.
  9. Only one I haven't seen is Shad. There is at least decent to great versions of the rest.
  10. Lol. Glad you found it.
  11. Search "Joseph" for some reason 2k edited Connors to *****rs
  12. There is one or two up. I not sure how I feel about the one I downloaded but it's there for ps4
  13. No need to pick on this person. Glad you're getting your kicks by making someone else feel bad. Please stop.
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