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  1. Is there a list somewhere of all the cutscenes? This would make creating videos much easier as it take forever to load them up and look at them one by one. Thanks!
  2. Man I love the work put into these. Great job!
  3. I haven't fotgotten! He's actually up there now!! He's got some of the NXT moves so you may have to get that DLC, but it comes out today! Tags:TheBigPuma, BigPumaGaming, PWO Latest Creation: The Butcher Bubba Mitchell. Once his moveset is sorted, he will be uploaded as well. Bubba is in a group of other misfits no one else wants to deal with called The Orphanage. Other members are: Vincent Winters - the leader of the group and real life vampire Prya - Vincent's little sister and full time pyromaniac Corey Ford - Juggalo to the core, but this core is rotten Little L - Another Juggalo who is just on the other side of the crazy train
  4. Jackson Montgomery is now available for download. There are two versions. One with moves from the DLC, one without.
  5. thebigpuma

    miss piggy

    Wha...what am I seeing?
  6. He's not uploaded just yet. I still need to get his moveset right.
  7. I love you for this. I definitely will. I've been playing with him in MyCareer so the moveset for exhibition isn't set up yet. I will post here when he's ready!
  8. Yea I put that there because his arm tattoo bled over to his back. Good suggestion though! Definitely doing it. Something 'Merican!
  9. I don't have many, 2 right now (and I only have pics of 1 right now). I present to you, Jackson Montgomery. In WWE2K16, Jackson started out as a soldier with a bit of PTSD. From there he turned into a mean drunk, then a funny drunk, then a super bad heel who 'tricked' everyone into thinking he was a drunken idiot, then won the Turmoil Heavyweight Championship over at OCWFED.com After losing it and going on a break, Jackson came back as a good 'ol boy from Texas and a rebel flag waving, lover of all things, 'Merica. After a, uh, certain logo got me banned for two weeks, Jackson fully embraced his 'Merica side and went full on red, white, and blue. Here is his first attire for WWE2K17! It's pretty basic but thoughts are appreciated! Latest version of Puma rocking the pink and black. Let me know what you think of his mask. I love this version so much. Tags: TheBigPuma, BigPumaGaming, CAWS.ws Bubba Mitchell Pretty much SCARY AF. Part of the Orphanage
  10. Do you have a link to this topic. Can't seem to find it.
  11. How are you doing the tattoos on Blake? On the guy I create every year, I usually used a mix of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt's tattoos, but they've removed them all this year! I'd like to put some on his arms but when I did it last year, it came out looking like crap. Any tips would help!
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