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  1. Very sad News but if the caws creator is good not a biggie at the end! Chikara has a nice niche Wrestling game and they still allow their Wrestlers to appear in the Virtual Basement game. So I think that Impact wanted to be part of the deal and have a say as also grabbing some money from the deals so they pulled the talents out. Doubt that Impact is going for their own game.
  2. You know, actually nobody was THAT well prepared, yet Europe came around and tried to do something about it. In Germany they created a help package for small businesses to help them through the month or two they had to close down. I know it first Hand because my sister in law is a photographer and our goverment gave her 5000€ so she can cover the bills of her shop so she won't have to do it from her savings, others got more! The big ones can go by and survive if they close for a month so depending on how big they are and how much they make they got a little to nothing. That's how a goverment should support their small businesses and help them in such times. They even officially said that it would be nice if every owner of a Building that can afford not getting the rent for a month from small businesses, could dispense to ask for the rent for a month. This was however up to the owners of the Buildings to decide, nobody forced them to do so. Still was nice that the goverment told them that it would be helpful towards the small and even bigger stores if they could give them a free pass for a month. All Restaurants that had no delivery Service they went online and started offering so they could still make Money. People supported them by ordering. The cinemas created a link in which everyone of us could support them by watching advertisements they would had shown previous to a movie at the Cinema anyway. By watching 5 advertisements we supported them and made sure they receive Money! Heck I didn't even had to fully watch the Clips, just opened the link and let it Play until it was over while I was doing other things. It's THAT easy to help and support and there are a lot of ways to do it. So for a goverment saying " Oh well, we were not prepared" and do nothing to help it's People is beyond saddening.
  3. Now the Police even goes and attacks Medics that are clearly marked so they can be easily recongnized because they wanted to help protesters.
  4. Please don't! It is a good thing that you are willing to stand for you and others but please do it rather over social media then putting yourself in physical danger. :( Things have become ridicoulos, disgusting and it serously saddens me a lot seeing all this happening to your Country and to everyone that is willing to protest against it. They don't care if you are totally peaceful anymore, they don't care if you belong to the press, news or whatever, they just attack you and hurt you for no reason at all. Please be safe!
  5. Freedom of speech and land of the free my ass! This has to stop like right now! Jane Elliott said it best!
  6. I know all of the announced females already and most of the males too! Well too bad you are not into caws but would you rather have well made caws in a game with great Gameplay and no Bugs or a expensive piece of Software with originals you can't really Play because the game is almost unplayable and annoying through all the Bugs and issues it has? Most of all when you can have a game with a solid base you know it works every year and get's only roster and cosmetic updates instead of a piece of Software that might or might not work every year while it Costs you yearly much more then the solid game you already have and enjoy? Of Course nothing is set in Stone yet so we will have to wait and see how it goes but for me I would rather have a solid base it can be built upon every year instead of a full priced "new game" every year only so we can have characters with new attires as Zombies and such for another 100€. At least that's my Preference (to each it's own ). We have many good creators in these Forums that I'm pretty sure would definately jump on it and start putting out their creations for everyone of us to download so I doubt we won't be able to get any wrestler available on any promotion down the line.
  7. I don't think so because some of the Wrestlers included are already working for Impact, chikara and other promotions and are still in the game. Solo Darling as example is in the Chikara game aswell. If the caw creator is good we can create all the WWE, AEW and other Talent that is not in the game and have a cool full game with more possibilities then the WWE games have given us. Hopefully with less Bugs aswell. On the top of it we will have a base we can rely on instead of wondering if the "next years game" will be full with Bugs, will be ok or if it will be playable att all like this years game we got that I wasted 100€ for the like 10 Minutes I touched it at all. Ernez talks in the Kentucky Special dialect: " They aar goinn to Replaaaaa" . Subscribed to the Channel and can't wait for more News! Happy Lio, Petey and Taynara are in it.
  8. It looks and sounds very promising. What makes me happy the most is that they are not going with Impact, AEW, WWE or other companies that would need a extra License, would had a lot to say (including cuts, roster and the like) which gives them a lot more freedom since they can decide themselves what to put in the game or not and as a fan service based game they can and will rather add what we want as Players then what a Vince or Khan or whoever else want's. The roster announced so far looks promising (love quite a few of them and I'm happy they will be in the game) and along with the creation suite makes it to a instant buy for me. The fact that they will give us a base game (hopefully a well working one) and will only keep bringing out DLCs after is a Dream come true cause I would rather support them by buying dlcs of a working game with a solid Basis then having a so called new rushed game that doesn't even really work at the end like we had this year from 2K already and had to endure in previous years with yukes aswell. If the creation modes are good or even better then the ones we had in the WWE2K series and the Gameplay is good (Brands with Weekly Shows and ppvs would be a huge plus for me) then I'll definately buy and stick with it in the future. Always supported indy Wrestling and if they bring out a good game that I fully enjoy while I can support indy Wrestlers through it I'll definately do it. The only thing I dislike a bit is that it won't be available for PS4 so I might rather get it for PC instead of PS5. Can't wait for more updates!
  9. Finally managed to watch through the Season 2 of Blindspot! 2 More Seasons to go! If you like "Teen" Horror Movies that are a mix of Scream and Splatterlike movies check out HellFest on Prime Video. If you like Thrillers check out Bad Samaritan. Both enjoyable movies! If you get to find it was also "The Hunt" with Betty Gilpin It was fun as well!
  10. I was so shocked and in tears when I read it last Saturday on Diva Dirt Right in the morning. Couldn't believe that it really had happen and was hopping it was just fake News like when other Celebrities or athletes were announced as being dead and then they just appeared saying it is not true. Unfortunately it wasn't the case. Why People have to be so cruel to a Person on social media over a stupid reality Show is really beyond me! They feel entitled to hate others only because they feel or act differently in a Situation or even they know they would had acted the same, they do as if they wouldn't only because they are fans of the other involved Celebrity. After so many years and so many suicides, People still don't realize that being on the Internet and "hiding" anonymously behind a username doesn't entitle someone to be cruel, respectless and mean to everyone they like only because they can. A huge loss for the Industry hana was a blessed athlete with a great Future ahead of her, a future that will never take place again. Hope These People will look in the Mirror and see what Kind of Monsters they are! Some might have a wake up call and hopefuly Change their ways. Sadly many of them will still Keep doing the same Things shrugging it off as if it was Nothing. PLEASE don't give such People the power to harm your Soul,quitting would give such People even more power over you then they actually have! Don't let their low selfesteem and their dissatisfactions affect you! Keep going strong, love and accept yourselfs for the persons that you all really are and let such experiences help you grow instead of harming you in any way. Will definately miss watching her on stardom! She was Always fun in Oedo Tai and after she came back and started her own faction in Tokyo Cyber Squad! May you rest in Peace Hana! You will be greatly missed!
  11. I have it on my Desktop pc. Not sure if you can use it on mobile too. There are templates though with which you can load a whole set of textures of real life Wrestlers so you can have them in the game. There are a lot to download on the males Department. The women lack a bit but so far I was able to download Asuka, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Luna Vachon and Alexa Bliss.
  12. The cool About this game is that it includes a free creation tool with which you can create your own: - wrestlers - arenas The creation tool can be downloaded and used for free without even purchasing the game so give it a try. They are making free updates to increase the Content and intergender Wrestling is possible in it too. They just added the tag Team mode last week and the tag moves look good in my opinion! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072100/CHIKARA_Action_Arcade_Wrestling/ It is on sale for 7,49$ at the Moment and in Overall it doesn't cost much even if you would buy it in full Price. Asuka goes for the German Suplex against Chikaras Whisper!
  13. The fact that the game stability is around at the Bottom of the list really baffles me. Are they serious? What do they think will all the Features and modes will be if the game has no stability and it's issues are not fixed at all? These Things are top priority in my opinion and everything else comes after.
  14. Go t o the unlockables and see if most stuff is locked, then use the unlock all Option, it should be there like in previous games.
  15. You still trying??? Now you know why I quit this for months already. Seriously this was the hugest waste of Money I ever spent on anything. A Software I touched in the beginning trying to finish and upload a few models and stopped immediately after hoping for a good patch that never came and never will anymore. Since then I only loaded the game once after every patch in the hope that something works again but it never did so... why Keep wasting time and nerves on this? Just play WWE2K19 whenever you feel like playing a Wrestling game. The only bug it has is that sometimes a ref takes forever to start the Count in a match.
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