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  1. I feel the same way actually. Caw mode is really good this year but then gameplay feels cheap in quality to sum up how I view it (and to not start a rant with all the flaws). They did step it up from last year so I do still have hope for the direction of the series.
  2. As long as we get a proper regular corner one as well
  3. This game series is either designed weird or maybe the programmer just doesn’t fully understand what they’re working with because seems like every fix is tied to messing something up or removing another fixed thing. I would say I hope they fix the jackets and titles glitch again but seems like one of those things that’ll get messed up again.
  4. Never could. It’s a simple thing that’s never been implemented for whatever reason
  5. Sliders has made this game grow on me. I still would like to see all the technical stuff they’ve removed after 2k20 back and I have some faith after the leap from 2k22 to 2k23 with the little things Hopefully next year or in a patch (I doubt that) they can add some preset tron themes for created wrestlers
  6. If they focus on making the next game more of a stimulation it would be great. The problem to me seems like 2k doesn’t have those people like yukes did that are looking at wrestling psychology and implementing it to the game.
  7. I’m hoping in the future the series either adds a bunch of pre-made tron entrances (or more if it exist and I haven’t seen it), let you make logos the tron where you don’t have to do create a video, or some combination of both for created wrestlers.
  8. They definitely do but just not as prominent as this series has made it. Blocks happen but if the undertaker is running at you and you’re a small guy, your hands being up are not stopping that even with the sport being fake. Also the mechanics of this choreographed sport pretty much have you just taking the hit 90% of the time. Striking combos happen but also not as prominent as this game makes it. In 2k23 they’ve got better but half of them look like stuff you’d only see in a fantasy combat video game. Dodging is cool but how they applied it looks good maybe 1/4 of the time it’s used. Like if I’m trying to grapple and you dodge, the shit looks weird and awkward lol.
  9. This is for sure the prettiest looking game of the franchise. There’s still so many things in gameplay side I wish get more love next game. I will say this year even though the movesets are off, the wrestlers do feel unique unlike in 2k22.
  10. I been trying to get more into this game and the caws have helped but so many little things I still think are an issue. Like off the top of my head I think I have more victories with a random move than I do with a finisher. I wish someone that’s a fan that talks the developers can bring up all the kinks that would change gameplay a bunch.
  11. They’re doing that with myfaction to do the same thing nba does with myteam where versions of someone is exclusive to the mode. Not sure the logic behind it since I don’t play either. The “it’s because we have to rebuild entrances and movesets” thing they said is bs since can just leave as an alternate attire. By the way the gameplay has improved but so many of the flaws are still there. I put the game on legend and easily found out reggie will give Roman reigns (a 99 overall) a 5 star match and kick out of a spear. Also no way a block stance should be blocking a running strike.
  12. Ok so caw mode (as I kinda thought it would) made me interested in the game and I got it. As one of the more vocal people about gameplay, I will say gameplay feels way better in this game. I’m guessing it’s the ai sliders but the characters play way more like themselves and maybe I need to change difficulty to really try but I can dominate a match again with someone like Brock against a lesser name. The game still could use work but my assumption was off on the little improvement I thought it had.
  13. Everyone’s moveset is moves they do and moves that looks similar to what their signature moves might be. It would be way better if they went back to basic moves according to fighting style mixed with unique moves a wrestler actually does. It would be nice to see them hire one of you guys that knows your way around movesets and does it as a hobby.
  14. From reading what you guys are writing sounds like it could be worth getting since gameplay is my biggest issue with 2k22. Hopefully next year they do something about the grappling animation before any move since that has been a big step back.
  15. Would like to know what changes make it better you have seen. caw mode looks insane this year. Almost everything I seen looks like dlc for the game. Community creations should be impressive.
  16. If anyone can play a match with Brock or Roman against a jobber and see if it’s still challenging and if it takes more than 1 finisher to beat a jobber. That could test if attributes matter at all this year.
  17. Wow created wrestlers look way more quality in game. Will be interesting to see what creators come up with this year.
  18. I’m always optimistic on these games and the improvements sounds like they’re trying but I’ll still wait a little longer to not feel ripped off with the price. The way they made the combo system a primary part of this game makes you forget they have existed before and used to look better (imo). If you’re going to make that primary at least make it look like a smooth transition where something like the canned aj styles striking combo animation can somewhat compare. Blocking and dodging are rarely done but if you’re going to keep them, make them look like stuff you’d see in wrestling. Beating a dead horse here but just saying these thoughts since they could influence something for the next game.
  19. Lol 2k22 is a stimulation of the current aew product. Every wrestler is equal to each other, nobody sells for too long and it takes 2-3 finishers to get beat. Seriously though most realistic is a hard thing to argue for the game even if it’s an opinion (unless you’re going off aew). If most fun or something of that nature is your argument then I can understand since you can have a fun challenging match arguably more than 2k19
  20. I highly doubt 2k23 not performing well would make wwe change to ea since 2k22 exceeded expectations but it would be a red flag. I will say though 2k is slowly making this wwe series what ea would’ve with my faction and gameplay turning into what it is now with the weird boxing elements. I think eastcoastkody said exactly what I think of the game but I’m willing to compromise as long as they show effort.
  21. If you like the game then it sure is. I know wishing bad on something is terrible but in most cases that’s what pushes people to improve.
  22. I really hope this game doesn’t do well just to get more effort from 2k. I knew the praise 2k22 got from some fans was going to be enough for them not to put as much effort in 2k23.
  23. Yeah I been waiting for the game to introduce more dreads and cornrow variations for years and doesn’t seem to change much. I heard about all the scanned caw parts and was expecting more variation there. I’m hoping to see new stuff in create an arena like venues but I probably shouldn’t keep my hopes up.
  24. All I can see is jake atlas in that default caw. I’m guessing he’s the base?
  25. Seen caw video.. definitely not as impressive as I thought lol.
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