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  1. Seen a few videos about early rumors and if they’re true then gameplay seems close to untouched. I miss the stimulation gameplay of this series and seems like there’s no desire to go towards that as I imagined.
  2. I hope this series takes a turn towards the right direction again. I think this game got equal play out of me as 2k20 and this game has good dlc. Problem is the characters don’t even play like themselves anymore. All these movesets are full of “yeah that looks like a move he might do”
  3. Do any of you enjoy the gameplay of 2k22 more than the games before (excluding 2k20)? I see polls around and feels like the complaining is coming from a small majority of us which is going to suck for this franchise future imo.
  4. I been giving 2k22 another shot and if you pick 2 people that are equal the match flows good sometimes. The matches play out horrible and really unrealistic though if you pick a super heavyweight against a cruiserweight.
  5. To me the problem is 2k with 2 years to work with the game have introduced new features that are probably all going away from how a wrestling match works. I don’t think it’s laziness but more of there not being real fans of the genre to guide this like there was with yukes. It’s a shame that realistically yukes with aew wont be something that will change anything. For them to be real competition they need years to build the game up and sales of a yearly title to help that. The news has been out of how much it has taken aew to create this game so to continue Im sure this has to succeed. Also as much as I like aew, the wwe brand is way stronger to promote anything.
  6. Yikes that leg drop machine gun Kelly does looks horrible like it belongs in a more fantasy fighting video game. Idk about y’all that defend it but that combo system is pretty hokey which I can get if you want an arcade style game. I rather the way it was before with elements they removed like stamina, reversal limits, etc being more of what drove the match.
  7. It’s a shame this series was going so well and then they cut cost and it feels like a game created by ea instead of 2k. I hope to be wrong but if caw mode undergoes an overhaul I could see it being simplified to how it is in most fighting games.
  8. Lol I figured Rvd was going to disappoint. I thought either his frog splash is going to be the same or a new animation that looks even less like his in real life.
  9. Not a fan of how some moves are inaccurate but a part of me likes the variety in animations if the correct animation is already there. I just can’t get myself to play this game more than a couple days for when the dlc comes out due to the way gameplay is now.
  10. The ai has never been great from what I can remember. 2k19 as much as I think it’s probably my favorite in the series (yes, I’ve played all), it had an ai that lacked depth. Like I noticed I barely or never saw them go for springboard moves as high flyers unless they were part of signatures or finishers. 2k22 ai is pretty challenging but it makes no sense to me Raul Mendoza is kicking out of my finisher, giving me a fight like we’re even if I picked Brock Lesnar.
  11. Nothing kills the flow of a match like going for a running strike and the opponent turning to an untouchable wall because they have the block stance.
  12. My hopes are high for Brian Williams being back and I’m sure I’ll get disappointed but nobody in the series history matches his level of caring. Also maybe it’s just me but I see a parallel with this game and the wwe. This year both have lowered in quality but the product looks prettier than ever which is enough for casuals and kids to enjoy who they’re catering to more
  13. Shafir might be one of the most awkward people in the ring I’ve ever seen including celebrities. It’s wild since she married to a guy known for being a technical wrestler and with her background could have so much potential. Seems like Tony doesn’t want to make Kyle feel like he’s only a tag guy after his prior run as a singles competitor but yeah I’d rather someone else get his little push right now. I’d argue Wardlow is a good babyface promo but it would be appreciated somewhere like wwe since in aew for a promo to stand out it usually has to be edgy. He looked confident on mic and let his chants have their moment which I hate in aew when a face steps over people chanting their name. What’s bad to me is the silent at the beginning entrance thing he has.
  14. Yeah chain grappling was an underrated part of this series. I’m part of the this is street fighter people and to add to the why I say that the blocking in this game sometimes play just like it. Dodging and blocking are cool if done right but irl in something staged like wrestling, wrestlers most times take a strike and depend on a move to get reversed. This series has so many things I hope don’t stick around for the future. I can list so many but to name a few the way some of these new dlc moves play out, the weird hctp fighting stance after moves randomly brought back this year, the way every wrestler plays the same in many ways and are almost equal to each other in a match. It’s crazy in 2k19 you can get a created wrestler and have a match play out like them and with 2k22 you can get an in game character and it can be rough to get a match to play out like them. This series is in a weird spot since it can sound silly to want stimulation gameplay for a staged sport which allowed creators of this game who are probably casual fans to do whatever they wanted. It’s like me being a casual nba fan just made nba 2k23 play out like nba street vol 2 because I was a fan of that game and it was fun.
  15. Has 2k addressed any of the fans concerns for next game? It kinda concerns me that the initial excitement around release could have them content with how the game currently is so they wouldn’t make any drastic changes in the next game when it really could use so many fixes.
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