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  1. NiceTwice

    WCW Project

    Have gone back to 2k19 in the last few weeks. Found your work on cc while I went back. Came here to see if I found a thread for this to give major props for how well done this work is and playing looks just like wcw
  2. I hope next game dlc isn’t this trash. I’m usually hype for dlc no matter what it is and even when I have all unlocked I played the modes. This dlc just feels like it drags. It could’ve easily been free.
  3. The writing was on the wall with promo for the game this fall. This is probably the most disappointing game of the series... which is weird following 2k19 which I would probably call the best or if not top 3 games of the series to me. as bad as some of the games have been, I’ve found myself still playing close to release date of next game. This game is the first I’ve stopped playing so early.
  4. Seen that the game was a topic discussed at the wwe financial meeting (whatever its called). Glad to see that with reporting the game did poorly in sales, they admitted It was due to the quality of the game. Hopefully they work on getting the game back on track. Other flaws aside, Im a big fan of expanding creativity in the game but I really hate that 2k20 went so outside the box and left its traditional content behind for over the top fantasy shit. All the dlc stuff to me feels so redundant and obviously a way to cut cost instead of paying legends or new talent money for dlc
  5. I feel you on that. Playing the game to unlock shit feels like a chore and not fun at all to me. After getting over the visual downgrades, So much bad stuff gameplay wise like slow, clunky, random to name a few. This is probably the most bashing Ive done to the series since I just gotta express my disappointment. I was playing 2k19 until the release of 2k20 since I enjoyed it that much. Now this game has left a bad taste for me where I barely play and when I do I just end up posting about how bad it is again.
  6. one If the best things of the dlc is the original music. Havent checked if its selectable but Im assuming it is. Gotta say playing through this originals shit to unlock stuff is tedious. Theres a reason I pay for unlock all and used to not regret it.
  7. I will give 2k credit for a lot of the creative stuff brought into the series. When the series really turned into 2ks game around 2k15-16 we saw the game finally take some leaps with creations expanding their possibilities and gameplay finally emulating real life matches. I feel that was 2ks decision. Their biggest mess up is they did a horrible job transitioning since them getting rid of yukes is like messing with the foundation of a house. All the pretty shit you put in the house isnt gonna look right if the foundation is all messed up.
  8. Just out of curiosity how would you guys feel if they remade the game from the ground up? Keeping moves of course but changing mechanics to shit easier to them. Feels like thats the best solution to them since they cant seem to dig into this game without damaging something. I would prefer they figure out the current mechanics as bad as its looking. The way the game played in 2k19 was great. Visually it was great and matches played out close to real life high quality matches. I thought the worry for future games wouldve been just too much of the same since it reached such a high level.
  9. I hope next game they go hard to fix it since they really killed the series with this game. If the patches indicate anything, the series is looking really bad. It doesnt seem like the current team still understands the game well since with every fix they create another major flaw. I know yukes wasnt perfect and messed up with major flaws before but now that they had it right, its going to get weird to have this series without them. Feels like 2k is taking this game into another world with the over the top stuff and slowly fading from the essentials. I hope to be wrong but feels like the goal for them is to transition this to feel like the next mortal kombat.
  10. I feel like this game might rank as the most disappointing game of the series. Its still way better than majority in reality but I cant remember any other game having more of a negative drop from its previous year than this one where I really go to the previous game for fun.
  11. Great job on both. Got to check out more of theory. Been catching small highlights of him when wwe did that evolve show and in nxt but really havent checked him out. These caws been the reason to keep my interest in this game. I been really a fan of luchadors as of late so just hoping to see fried do some of his caws for this game.
  12. Yeah I wouldnt give up on 2k tbh I couldnt see any developer make something that would be more dedicated other than ea who would probably do worse. I do think 2k has great potential to fix it but in the path theyre going seems to be taking some big steps back that will be affecting future games. I hope to be wrong though and that next game is something thats going to impress like the transition from 2k15 to 2k16.
  13. I thought 2k was the best thing to happen to this series. Thought they would do what they did with the nba games in terms of stimulation gameplay and they did. Then dropping yukes somehow showed their true colors which was a big wtf. Who knew they would kill the gameplay and just bring over the top fantasy shit.
  14. Its kind of an insult to 2k17-2k19 to get compared to this game. Whatever they did Im sure they just took what they had which was in good condition and they cant figure it out so feels like theyre just breaking down pieces trying to make it a machine they can call theres as much as itll lose its good parts. So much things this game lacks that was in 2k19. With so many things, one simple thing I miss is how good the lighting in 2k19 made everything look.
  15. Im playing through the dlc stuff to unlock it but I really dislike the gameplay and how far away from pro wrestling it gets. I Would be happy if they do keep all this goofy looking shit for next years creation modes like create and arena.
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