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  1. Your profile says you've been a member since 07.
  2. If you PM anyone be sure not to PM Chaz. He has no idea what he's doing Not sure how he even became a mod.
  3. Welcome Jayeezus! If you have questions please feel free to PM Me Although you probably already know what you're doing
  4. Active posts : 823Member since : 18-Nov-11 Yeeeess....and?? You're not new here. I'm relatively new.
  5. Active posts : 823Member since : 18-Nov-11 Yeeeess....and??
  6. Hi, I'm new here. My name is G.T.S and as you can probably tell my favourite wrestler is CM Punk. I hope to one day become a mod and ban everyone
  7. I forgot to ever introduce myself. Hello, my name is #1StraightEdge (might change it since someones name is StraightEdge) formally known as Lachlanjohn. I have been a wrestling fan since 2008, and I wish that I started watching wrestling during the attitude era.
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