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The Walking Deadman

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    Undertaker / Paige
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    Nirvana, Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Johnny Cash, etc.
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    Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead
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  1. Did your save file still work?
  2. For some reason, every time I try to edit the face or body of a superstar, the game crashes. I didn't have this problem until today.
  3. Rosemary is another I'd like to see eventually, as well as Dashwood. Impact women don't get enough attention based on what I've seen on CC. It's a shame too, given Impact has a good women's roster.
  4. Making those stages you have done so far would benefit from the 2021 tron being available in create an arena. The massive new one the current Raw and SmackDown arenas use.
  5. I remember all those. To me as a kid, that Nitro PS1 was surprisingly entertaining. I remember there multiple unlock tiers, the first was actual WCW talent, like Jericho, Ultimo, Disco, the next was monsters and classic versions of Sting, Hogan and Macho Man, and the last was developers.
  6. How did you get the fire on the mat so properly? I tried with the in game flame logos, and it didn't work nearly as well.
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