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The Walking Deadman

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    Nirvana, Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Johnny Cash, etc.
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  1. Thank you! Yes we should be able to have this in the game Can you send me a pic of it please? Ah thanks. Hmm Ill see what I can do here. Ill keep you posted His entrance attire for that match was the same jacket he has in the game as his modern attire's default entrance gear.
  2. Would you make Sting's 3/3/11 attire?
  3. I once saw a quack on there claim Vince was Daniel Beniot's real father and that he had them all killed. Said lunatic is also a racist who hates every race except Africans, thinks the "secret order/Illuminati" control the WWE and a whole list of other crackpot theories.
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