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  1. i don't know what issues you're talking about
  2. captured for rikishi and modified for yoko. not gonna shoot two separate motions for a single bounce. could have left the arms out and people would have complained that yoko's doing rikishi's taunt. also his complaint was that he didn't slingshot like a vader bomb. didn't mention anything about the bouncing... i think the video shows the actual form of the move is consistent.
  3. dude...fatu captured these and we had plenty of footage of them. he did a phenomenal job.
  4. 1. you cant 2. b button when near the rope
  5. it will be back in a future update with a functioning reversal
  6. dodge actually disables attack homing so definitely not useless and you can attack out of a dodge a little earlier than you nav. also, depending on the class it's good for moving in / out quickly. i wouldn't expect more advanced people to rely on blocking tbh, i think it's more for people who might struggle with reversing in general. like anything, it's not going to work 100% of the time.
  7. It can be added back but it doesn’t look like a great sig or finish
  8. No it’s not. There is limb targeting in the corners abs against the ropes now too in the corner grab and then press up, down left / right and light attack to perform limb target. same with ropes.
  9. Now you know why I was "confident". Game speaks for itself. I get it - not everyone's cup of tea but that doesn't mean it's a bad game.
  10. some enders will put your opponent in a kneeling pose, some moves in a linker tree with turn them around, some will knockback creating space to perform running attacks. the idea is that the strings serve a 'purpose'.
  11. You can't edit linker trees. And unfortunately the only way to know what moves are in a tree is to preview. The Dawkins issue sounds like a bug.
  12. yuo can choose the opener, the linker tree and the ender all separately.
  13. are you sure they're removed or just the text isn't appearing in move set? specific examples please
  14. are you basing this off testing the moves? previewing in cam? or something else?
  15. The game has way more pin combos that at any time previously. i remember when THQ was managing the franchise getting a pin combo was kind of a big deal. Now you tend to get them on the moves you most expect them for. All Finishers for sure but even more. The reality is that it requires additional animation work. The more time you ultimately spend animating a move, including pin combo, the less time you're going to have for something else. Without going into detail we are working really smart so that we can just do more in general with a little less effort and more importantly, fewer potential bugs.
  16. Not gonna be adding any of these anytime soon but it's on the list of things to expand / improve in a way that will make everyone very happy. Just gonna take a bit of time but once we do... That's because there was a year where 3 different superstars started using it. It was more than 2 years ago but I know what you mean...
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