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  1. The game has way more pin combos that at any time previously. i remember when THQ was managing the franchise getting a pin combo was kind of a big deal. Now you tend to get them on the moves you most expect them for. All Finishers for sure but even more. The reality is that it requires additional animation work. The more time you ultimately spend animating a move, including pin combo, the less time you're going to have for something else. Without going into detail we are working really smart so that we can just do more in general with a little less effort and more importantly, fewer potential bugs.
  2. Not gonna be adding any of these anytime soon but it's on the list of things to expand / improve in a way that will make everyone very happy. Just gonna take a bit of time but once we do... That's because there was a year where 3 different superstars started using it. It was more than 2 years ago but I know what you mean...
  3. Covid made this a challenging year. I don't think moves will necessarily be the highlight
  4. Brazillian Kick - Question Mark Kick?? John Morrison used that as well...
  5. Hope you like poorly key framed animation. They're not mocapping. They're just using what they captured with 2k. And Bryan was responsible for content acquisition on the 360 / PS3 when their output was a fraction of what they were doing under 2k. I don't ever recall there being some huge library of "joshi" moves so it's a weird "criticism".
  6. Mandalorian has no influence over the cover star selected.
  7. What would be 'more of the same'? If you just watch footage of the game, it's going to look very similar. If you play the game, you're going to see and feel substantial differences.
  8. some of those are easy fixes and are already fixed. others will take much longer. and some are subjective and may not even get fixed for a very long time
  9. Oh then just wait until you play 22.
  10. take two doesn't have much of a presence at e3. annual games dont really need to go either. you basically know what you're going to get... it's several months before release. there is plenty of time to talk about the improvements and what is new.
  11. game isn't done. definitely didn't say it was great. but tons of improvements across the board... much better foundation to build from and a greater ability to actually fix bugs - permanently.
  12. It feels completely different. Going back to 19/20 is painful
  13. strange that that got broken but now that i know it should hopefully be easy to track down & have fixed...
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