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  1. People in the pack & then indy stuff that we thought might fit the gimmicks and / or might be fun to include.
  2. Pretty on point so far. I think the Dragon Sleeper was an unused move for Molly Holly but I really like those so I thought it would be cool to include (not to mention I hate the old version we currently have)
  3. I wanted him to feel like a boss type character which is why he has the exaggerate punches. I also liked the idea that he could just throw guys around with ease which was the inspiration behind the chokeslam toss
  4. I dunno though, you have moves like Old School and former games like the Oklahoma Stampede that just auto track to the nearest turnbuckle. Those would be easier to pull off than the Superman and Spear though cause there's so much more motion involvedNot true. Superman and spear have two people moving independently. Now start mentally mapping what it would take when to have both characters move to the ropes and / or center of the ring after the Superman punch. Its very complex and adds a ton of work for a single move. Scripted moves such as this require an engineer and days of effort. This would definitely be on the higher end - maybe a week or more. The corner version just needs an animator and a gameplay designer and can be setup and working in a coupleHours.
  5. For some characters but thats Not always the case
  6. What would you have changed it to?My guess is that it could have been a running strike instead of a corner one. It is a corner running strike but ideally it would be a normal running strike but that greatly complicates the move because then it has to work from any position inside the ring.
  7. Im particularly happy with how the Superman punch and spear turned out. Only thing I would have changed - and it would be very difficult - is the start position (corner)
  8. As much as Id love to, nope.
  9. Preach. Towers and showcase do not compliment gameplay in any meaningful way.
  10. Oh right the lungblower was his too. Space Jam.
  11. Basement back kick, corner drop kick, running knee
  12. People say that every year, regardless of DLC content ive had the sliding german on my list for two years. ishimori was doing it first...
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/comments/ed7fs0/2k20_originalswasteland_wanderers_unlocks/
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