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  1. Im not here to nit-pick you man, so please forgive if this comes off as snide. I think your caws are great, though, but is it too much work to post on both twitter and here ? Or just link your twitter for more information or something?
  2. Whelp, time to over-write the PAC I already had on my roster with this one. Great work on this and I appreciate you sharing it with the community.
  3. Goodness these are great man. Really liking the EVIL and BUSHI. I also would second a Taichi Ishimori, you seem to do great justice to your NJPW caws.
  4. Love the Benoit and Adams, thank you very much for them. I want to third the Malenko CAW.
  5. I know its deadish around here, but I am interested in both Hannibal and Tiger-Man.
  6. No one has tried D'Angelo Dinero yet this year if you are taking requests. If not cool. Awesome work on Strong/Swagger, definitely will be adding and looking forward to alt. attires.
  7. If you havent, you should tweet them to Vanessa, she is a big fan of people making caws of her and often re-tweets them.
  8. Great work PMC! The updates are subtle but definitely notable and improvements on both caws. I appreciate you working on them!
  9. Thank you so much for Shannon Moore & Muhammed Hassan! So glad to have them. Any chance I could humbly submit D'Angelo Dinero for a request, no one is doing one this year it seems, if not either way thank you, your contributions to my community each year are greatly appreciated!
  10. Hnnnnnngggghhhhhh Need that Shannon Moore in my life amigo. Its better then last years!
  11. MVP Looks great! Any idea when he will be uploaded ? I appreciate your working on him as there are no good ones on creations last I checked a week or so ago.
  12. Any chance you could upload Caesaro Augustine ? I really love his look.
  13. Not aware of the necro-ing policy, but any chance you are finishing the old school Sami Callihan ? Its the only caw missing from my Universe. There isnt a decent old school one on ps4. Id love to see it.
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