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  1. Gameplay is actually good. I was worried but im loving it so far. I thought that having to collar and elbow would be a lot more annoying and noticeable, but it really hasn't. I still prefer 2k19s controls, but the reversal system this year is much better and actually fun. AI is also much smarter this year.
  2. I was f'n about trying to use the Brenizer method and didn't realize that my steam name gets included with the screenshots using highlight reel. So pardon my dumb steam name
  3. Bro they still haven't changed how logo wrapping works? Still cuts off at the thigh.
  4. These look amazing mate. Can't wait to see more
  5. My Anycubic LCD screen replacement has taken over 4 weeks to deliver... and it still hasnt arrived. It was in America for 2 days but for some reason then went to Germany. I live in West Virginia how hard is it to drive two states????
  6. Mortal Kombat Review Pros Super fun and creative fights Good Effects Kano Kabal Story is whatever but it's better than the other movies Cons Editing Villains get like no screen time Literal Plot Armor Cole
  7. Gutted about the Ascension getting released, but I hope they find themselves in NWA or TNA. I don't think AEW needs anymore tag teams atm. *Censored* JBL for burying them
  8. Moving into my new house. Put my TV in position and the screen broke. Lifes gotta keep me real humble
  9. I cannot seem to at all understand Spanish. No matter how much I study, I still struggle immensely with it. My history degree requires 4 foreign language classes. I've failed every exam so far...
  10. Studying until 5 in the morning, getting 3 hours of sleep, powered by an unhealthy amount if energy drinks, and a bout of self doubt payed off because I ACED THAT EAST ASIAN HISTORY EXAM!
  11. One of my friends brother took his life a few days ago. Some prick on facebook is saying he deserved it and that his parents failed and saying they didn't punish him enough. Real piece of shit.
  12. My theatre show production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" had it's final show today. I played Charles the Wrestler and I got to direct a killer wrestling match that has gotten a ton of great feedback. Super proud of that
  13. Battle Royal I was in went great. My chest hurts a ton. Also scored a few brownie points for being one of the few people actually helping with ring set up.
  14. Finals week. If I can pass this final I'll be golden for the rest of the week. This is the one that is worrying me
  15. Heading to Florida to perform a play I'm in, then I'm heading to Mississippi for SCA's Gulf Wars
  16. I've been super depressed lately. Everyday I woke up I wanted it to be with a noose around my neck. Didn't wake up like that today and I'm actually feeling good about today. Step in the right direction
  17. Got a pretty sizable role for my troupes next production. I play Sissinius in Hrothvitas "The Martydom of Agape, Chionia, and Irena". Super over the top villain
  18. Things I did like Things I didn't like
  19. This was very ehh to me. 6/10. Hit and miss. Lot of things I hated. The Cinematography was AMAZING though I'll post more about it when I get to a computer
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