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  1. Everyone looks really good. Rhea Ripley actually looks like Rhea Ripley this time
  2. Oh here we go. Hair looking better, but I would like to see it in motion. The model, textures, and the lighting looks fantastic
  3. My Anycubic LCD screen replacement has taken over 4 weeks to deliver... and it still hasnt arrived. It was in America for 2 days but for some reason then went to Germany. I live in West Virginia how hard is it to drive two states????
  4. Mortal Kombat Review Pros Super fun and creative fights Good Effects Kano Kabal Story is whatever but it's better than the other movies Cons Editing Villains get like no screen time Literal Plot Armor Cole
  5. The grey hairs on Mysterios beard is a nice touch.
  6. Christ. They really did just give up on the game. I miss making IWG stuff but going back to 2k19 is just exhausting.
  7. So the game still sucks? Been a while since I last checked
  8. Happy Abadon got signed. She was great on Dark and always a fan of spooky gimmicks. Looks like a damn deadite
  9. 1 step forward, 10 steps back...
  10. Gutted about the Ascension getting released, but I hope they find themselves in NWA or TNA. I don't think AEW needs anymore tag teams atm. *Censored* JBL for burying them
  11. Aight I am not touching this thing again until the next update. Made a new attire for Aubin and now the face paint is just gone, lipstick still doesnt stay the set color. Might actually see about getting a refund for this
  12. Love not being able to download logos
  13. Holy shit 2k You cant save a selection screen render at an angle anymore
  14. Moving into my new house. Put my TV in position and the screen broke. Lifes gotta keep me real humble
  15. Rip my boy Ermac's chances of being in Still Shang looks super dope
  16. Playing around with a lot of characters. Wasn't expecting to like Kotal Kahn but I've learned some nice stuff with him. Shao Kahn I really want to learn
  17. D'vorah looks sick! Might have to main her.
  18. I cannot seem to at all understand Spanish. No matter how much I study, I still struggle immensely with it. My history degree requires 4 foreign language classes. I've failed every exam so far...
  19. Studying until 5 in the morning, getting 3 hours of sleep, powered by an unhealthy amount if energy drinks, and a bout of self doubt payed off because I ACED THAT EAST ASIAN HISTORY EXAM!
  20. One of my friends brother took his life a few days ago. Some prick on facebook is saying he deserved it and that his parents failed and saying they didn't punish him enough. Real piece of shit.
  21. I would actually prefer less guest characters and more form the MK world. 1 or 2 are ok, but we got to many in MKX imo. Hope we get Bo-Rai-Cho (2nd MAIN BABY), Baracka, and Smoke back. Frost would be a neat addition too after her MKX Cameo. If we do get a guest, I would hope for Ash. Dream Guest though is still Kane or Undertaker. I feel they would fit so well. Also I'm very excited for the story mode. Netherrealms always do very good each game. (Though I hope everyone's power level is more accurate this time around)
  22. Apparently gameplay is close to how it appears in the trailer. Excited to see more on January 17th. Gotta get my Ermac hype going
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