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  1. Gameplay is actually good. I was worried but im loving it so far. I thought that having to collar and elbow would be a lot more annoying and noticeable, but it really hasn't. I still prefer 2k19s controls, but the reversal system this year is much better and actually fun. AI is also much smarter this year.
  2. Hey so I've been gone for like 2 years now and I cannot figure out how to edit a post and just view it without all the widgets previews. Mainly editing spoiler tags. I cannot seem to edit them now. When I go to edit a post, all the spoiler content appears but the "[ spoiler ]" " code stuff doesn't. I remember there being an option to just view text with nothing previewed but that seems to be gone (?) Any help would be appreciated
  3. IWG is back once again. I'm not sure how far I'll go this year. Creation Suite is a little finnicky this year and the hair needs to be fixed asap. Gameplay is fire though. I like it. If anyone is interested in recent IWG Lore, the promotion has switched to a more faction based company. The factions are: The Pillars of Wrestling, Kings Ring, The Q-Crew, Punk Nation, The Church of Aubin, MUD, and the Brigade. A Free Agent faction also exists for those not assigned to any faction, though this faction does not have a leader, and any faction may add a member to theirs. The current IWG Champion is "Lift Daddy" Brian Mercer, a high ranking member of Brigade. The IWG Wrestlers Champion, who must defend the belt every week, is "The Spiritual Sensation" Aster Rose, a member of Kings Ring. The IWG Womens Champion is Diane King, a member of Kings Ring. The IWG Tag team Champions are Lawrence Baker and Raymond De'Rollo of MUD anyway heres The A2Q and Izzy. A2Q just needs a move set, while Izzy Is in a prototype stage. Still needs a few attire parts to be made, Specifically on the top (Everything is under Q-Crew right now because I cannot figure out how to edit this post to fix it. I've been gone for like 2 years someone help) The Q-Crew
  4. I was f'n about trying to use the Brenizer method and didn't realize that my steam name gets included with the screenshots using highlight reel. So pardon my dumb steam name
  5. Bro they still haven't changed how logo wrapping works? Still cuts off at the thigh.
  6. These look amazing mate. Can't wait to see more
  7. Looking fantastic. Hope to see Starlight Kid in the future
  8. Very informative thread here. Thank you for taking the time to research this!
  9. Call it desperate hope or whatever, bur they did patch in Create a Championship once. Hopefully they can patch in Advanced Create an Entrance.
  10. I almost exclusively use caws and taking out a core feature that has been in the game for over 10 years is wack.
  11. No advanced entrance is wack. Looks like im waiting for a sale for this game. The more I learn about this game, the more sad I get because I was really looking forward to making CAWS again.
  12. Mansoor looks great. I might use him for my solo universe mode!
  13. I am excited to see how the new controls work tbh. Dodge and Block being there makes me wonder how they will work alongside reversals. Will for sure take some getting used too though
  14. We can make proper big boy's in Creation Suite now. Thats pretty tight.
  15. Everyone looks really good. Rhea Ripley actually looks like Rhea Ripley this time
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