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  1. Just tried the trick with Ric Flair to get his current day look as a Superstar attire and it does indeed work. Just a shame there isn't a similar work around to make Manager Ted DiBiase a playable Superstar. I like using all the retro wrestlers in Universe Mode so was hoping there was a way to get DiBiase accessible. Sadly not.
  2. Was using a Custom Arena for the first time last night and the nameplate seems to be glitched. If you use someone like Chris Jericho '01 or Big Show '00, it'll come up on the nameplate "Chris Jericho '01". Doesn't do it in any of the default arenas so it's obviously a problem in created ones.
  3. Was playing around in the Create-an-Entrance trying to find something to fit Braun's new persona since the draft and him being out of the Wyatt Family. Luckily Great Khali's Motion is still in the game so it fits perfectly for his walk to the ring, stepping over the top rope and the pose(s) he does. MOTION: PUNJABI GIANT TITLE MOTION: PUNJABI GIANT ENTRANCE MUSIC: 90's 1 seems to be a reasonable fit TITANTRON MOVIE: KANE '98 (just so there's something actually going on, on the titantron) RIBBON MOVIE: FINN BALOR DEMON
  4. Well, this one is an absolute treat of a Bug/Glitch. Just got to Night of Champions PPV on the calendar. In the Semi-Main, had Ultimate Warrior cash in the MITB and win the title. Moved onto the main event match. Entrances were automatically OFF. So restarted and switched them ON. Lilian announced it was a No DQ match during the intros. Fair enough. I have Goldberg's default costume set to his '04 one yet he came out in his WCW attire. Odd but again, fair enough. Match starts, the HUD is cleared. Nothing on screen. Paused it, Went into Match Options and EVERYTHING was set to "Off" automatically. Camera Cuts Off, Camera Shakes Off, Hit Point & Stamina Gauge Off etc. So went through and switched them all back on. Have spent 10/15 minutes or so beating down the opponent and can't win the match because there is literally NO WAY TO WIN THE MATCH!! I press B and he won't pin or even put him in a submission hold if it was a submission only match. I can't throw him out the ring for a count out victory as we can't seem the exit the ring. Can't get a weapon from the outside to cause a DQ because of the aforementioned inability to leave the ring. What an absolute mess. All this caused by the MITB cash-in during the previous match? It's the only thing I can think of that's different.
  5. The invisible wrestler in cutscenes has happened 4 times now in Universe Mode and there's 1 constant, it seems. Goldberg. So it must be a DLC related bug as he's the only DLC character I have. The latest one was before a match with Diesel, the invisible Goldberg slapped him for refusing a handshake.
  6. I like that matches last longer and you can't just breeze through a match in 2/3 minutes after 1 or 2 finishers at the most. First match I did was Roman (me) against AJ. I hit the Spear 3 times and the Superman Punch 4 times before AJ finally stayed down for the 3-count. His resiliency was unreal.
  7. Haven't tested that out yet. Only matches I've played so far are those involving rivals that I've set up. Most the matches the game books automatically don't have much appeal but I have noticed the game books promo segments with people not in rivalries, so that's encouraging. In amongst all the feuds going on within My Universe, on an episode of Raw there was a random self promotion promo involving Paige and she was feuding with nobody.
  8. So far, have ran into a few of the usual glitches that seem to happen every year. Mostly in Universe Mode. I have the Digitial Copy on Xbox one. - Lilian announces the winner as the NEW Champion when infact they have retained the title, after a title match. - Booker T entered a match as the United States Champion however the belt was missing from around his waist. Lilian announced his as the champion and the nameplate said he was Champion but the belt was M.I.A. - The classic invisible wrestlers during cutscenes. Had it twice now after a feud blow off of a match on a PPV. The referee is raising the hands of an invisible man who then appears to climb the ropes and taunt the defeated opponent who points back... at no one. - Didn't like a match the game had booked automatically on a PPV card so went in to manually edit it. Saved the change. Went back to the card. The new match I put in was there however the one I wanted it to replace was still there, having moved up the running order. There was now an empty slot on the end of the show with no participants with the instruction to "Press Start" on it. When I got to said empty match and pressed start it just said "Draw". - Another classic of wrestlers getting booed when I have them set to be cheered during their entrances. Insert John Cena and Roman Reigns joke here. - The standard Lilian announcing the Champion as the Challenger bug which seems to be a constant issue year on year. - The big introductions for the title matches are hit and miss. Sometimes everything is fine then other times Lilian will announce them like they're still entering the ring. So for example instead of saying "Introducing the Challenger..." she'll say "Making his way to the ring, the Challenger...." when they're clearly standing there in the corner, already in the ring. - Not 100% sure if this is a glitch or not but the Promo Meter always says "face" and obviously rates you on how you appeal to the crowd but it's hard to do the promos and pick the right answers when you're a heel. Like I tanked badly doing a promo as Rick Rude because I was picking all the Heel'ish answers which makes all the sense in the world as Rick Rude wouldn't exactly come out to a ring and say things to get the fans on his side back in the day. I did have a "Turn Heel" promo booked on a card with Diesel and the Promo Meter did say "heel" rather than "face". Like I say not 100% sure what this is but if, like me, you want to try and make sure things make sense in Universe and you're having a dueling promo while controlling the Heel, it handicaps you a bit when the game is expecting you to say all the Face-like lines. - Ribbon movies sometimes don't change from their default when I edit them in Create-an-Entrance. Tried to give Kane '98 the modern day Kane ribbon movie and it just stays the Attitude Era Ribbon with the spinning WWE logo. - Graphical glitches with long haired wrestlers like Triple H '01, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart. - In Create-An-Entrance, was Previewing some Champion entrances as I wanted Diesel to have one where he carried the belt. Previewed one of the Generic Champion entrances and he had a WWE title around his waist AND was carrying one in his hand. Two titles!!! So yeah. Most the errors I find revolve around ring announcing.
  9. BUT he has "Jive Soul Bro!" Even better!!
  10. Don't think THQ or now 2k have ever been able to get an accurate Booker T model. Still doesn't look great. The TNA video game actually got him spot on and that was out in something like 2008.
  11. Anyone got an alternative entrance theme suggestion for Rikishi? I can't take him seriously as Heel so want to use him in his face persona but "Bad Man" doesn't exactly have the "Too Cool" vibe.
  12. If you're aiming this at me, then all the images I posted in my Universe post are uploaded to Imgbox as per the rule stated in this thread http://caws.ws/forum/topic/468137-reminder-dont-hotlink-images/
  13. It's relatively basic and does what it pretty much needs to. A tab for my roster, a tab for all the main roster PPV's and a tab for all the NXT Takeover Specials. If you're happy to work with the same event format as myself then I'll happily send you over a blank one. Looks something like this...
  14. Finally got everything up and running have just played through the first year on mine. Just about to have Wrestlemania for the first year. I even created a tracker on MS Excel just to log all my PPV results as I go along. Anyway I'm pretty much using EVERYONE in the game. There's the main roster who appear on Raw and Smackdown together meanwhile NXT is its own brand filled with most the established NXT guys mixed with some lower card main roster guys or some veterans sent down there to mix things up or reinvigorate their careers. Rosters: I didn't really touch the PPV's for the main roster however every 2nd Sunday of each month there's an NXT Takeover PPV. Some of which have particular gimmicks. Pay Per View Events: As for the titles it's pretty much as you'd expect. The 5 main titles all active on the main roster. Over on NXT I brought back the European Championship as their midcard title. Add to that the KOTR crown and there's quite a lot to go after in my Universe. Current Champions (as of March Year 1, going into Wrestlemania): So after all of that, here's how we got to where we are following the stories of all the title belts up to now... Story of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Money in the Bank. Seth Rollins started Universe Mode holding the top title and began things with a feud against Macho Man Randy Savage for the title. After retaining the title at Extreme Rules he entered into a long feud with Daniel Bryan over the gold. Seth defeated D-Bry at Payback then again at Money in the Bank however in their third and final battle, Daniel Bryan was able to hold onto the title all the way through to Survivor Series. Along the way Bryan defeated The Rock at Summerslam, then Faarooq (don't ask, Universe Mode just booked it that way) at Night of Champions and then defeated Batista at Hell in a Cell. At Survivor Series Daniel Bryan retained his belt one more time against Lex Luger however after the match the WWE Universe was shocked when the Money in the Bank holder, Bret Hart, cashed in on a helpless Daniel Bryan. Despite Bryan putting up a good fight and I mean a really good fight (his resiliancy in this game is ridiculous), Bret Hart was finally able to beat Bryan and take the gold and in effect make him a Heel in the eyes of the WWE Universe. This setup a feud in which a rather patronising Bret Hart would give Bryan his rematch at TLC however along the way he was becoming more and more heelish in how he acted towards Bryan in which he become very dismissive of the challenge of Bryan. He acknowledged Bryan was good but just not excellent like he is. Some would say he echoed Triple H's viewpoint of Bryan is a B+ Player. Bret retained the gold at TLC after brutalising Bryan to full on jeers from the crowd and thus cementing his Heel status before he'd go on to retain the gold over John Cena at the Royal Rumble then an old foe in Shawn Michaels at Fastlane thus sending him on the path to Wrestlemania as the Champion where he'll face.... The Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan won the Royal Rumble and he's more determined than ever to get one over Bret Hart, get back his title and once again prove he is not a joke. He is not a B+ Player and he belongs at the top of the company. Story of the WWE Intercontinental Championship "The One" Billy Gunn began things holding the Intercontinental Title and his first feud over the gold was with Stardust. Retaining the belt at Extreme Rules he moved onto Payback where he met Rick Rude. The Ravishing One came up short that night but won the title from Gunn at Money in the Bank. The two met again at Battleground with Rude once again scoring the victory to retain the gold however at Summerslam he'd put the title on the line against Hideo Itami. Itami has won the King of the Ring tournament at NXT: Takeover in July and thus won 2 things. A place on the main roster and a guaranteed shot at either the United States or Intercontinental Champion. The Japanese star singled out Rick Rude and went after the gold at Summerslam however Tricky Ricky found another way to sneak a victory over Itami. Rude defended the belt against Itami again at Night of Champions and managed to retain before allowing him one more crack at the title at Hell in a Cell. Third time was the charm as the King of the Ring added the title to his collection. Itami retained the title over Brian Pillman at Survivor Series and then retained again over Kevin Owens at TLC however in a rematch with Owens at the Royal Rumble, Itami lost the gold. Kevin Owens retained the title over Ken Shamrock at Fastlane and still holds the title as we go towards Wrestlemania. Story of the WWE United States Championship Speaking of Kevin Owens, he did infact start Universe as the United States Champion, retaining the gold against Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules before entering into a hard hitting fued with Cactus Jack over the following months. Cactus Jack took the title at Payback then retained against Owens at Money in the Bank. Successful defences against Bad News Barrett, Stardust and Rikishi followed however Jack lost the title to Faarooq at Hell in a Cell. Faarooq's reign was short lived as Booker T took the title from him at Survivor Series then retained in a rematch with Faarooq followed by wins over Brian Pillman and Honky Tonk Man meaning Booker T is still the Champion to this day. Story of the WWE Diva's Championship The Queen Bitch herself Stephanie McMahon began things as the Diva's Champion and proved her dominance for months on end retaining the belt in matches with both Bella Twins, Paige and Natalya. She eventually come unstuck in a shock loss to Layla at Hell in a Cell however Layla proved she was no fluke by retaining the title for a few months all the way through to Fastlane before eventually losing the belt to Brie Bella. Brie is the current champion. Story of the WWE Tag Team Championship The Usos started life in Universe Mode as the Tag Champions and retained the gold over Kama & D'Lo at Extreme Rules however lost the belts the next month to The New Day at Payback. At Money in the Bank the Usos regained the titles over The New Day and held them all the way through to Survivor Series defeating The New Day, Kama & D'Lo, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro along the way. They were eventually upended in an upset to Adnan & Mustafa however they were unable to hold the belts for long as they lost the titles to the Prime Time Players at Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Darren and Titus are still the champs to this day. Over on NXT... Story of the NXT Championship Sami Zayn started as the NXT Champion and in the first Takeover (Fatal 4 Way) he defeated Finlay in a Belfast Street Fight however on the same show, Jack Swagger turned up in NXT and won a #1 contendership Fatal 4 Way Match meaning he'd challenge Zayn at the next Takeover. Swagger defeated Zayn on the next Takeover then proceeded to hold onto the title for the rest of the year defeating the likes of Curtis Axel, Adam Rose and Christian along the way. At the December Takeover, Swagger would face Finn Balor in a title-for-title match (see below) and would lose in the end. Balor's reign as NXT Champion was short lived as at January's Takeover show (NXT: Takeover Elimination Chamber), Sami Zayn once again won the gold inside the Chamber with Balor, Swagger, X-Pac, Christian and Bo Dallas. Sami Zayn's still the champion to this day however will be defending the gold at the March Takeover against X-Pac. Story of the European Championship As the GM of NXT and recongised as the greatest European Champion of all time (sorry D'Lo), William Regal reinstated the European Title to the company as part of NXT. So he started as the champion however at the very first Takeover in April, he was beaten by Baron Corbin for the gold. On the same night, Finn Balor had won the #1 contendership Fatal 4 Way for the title and became European Champion on the Takeover special in May. Finn Balor still holds the European Title to this day and will meet another Irishman, Finlay, at the NXT Takeover in March. Finn even held BOTH the NXT and European Championship at the same time for a short spell along the way. Story of the NXT Women's Championship Alicia Fox started as the NXT Women's Champion and she still is to this day however she did lose the title, for a spell, to Summer Rae. Summer won the title at May's Takeover and retained it all the way through till September when she lost it back to Alicia Fox. Alicia proved her dominance in the division by retaining the title constantly through the rest of the year and still to this day. Mostly with victories over Summer Rae and Eva Marie. Fox will defend the title against Emma at the March Takeover. Story of the NXT Tag Team Championship The Vaudevillains began as the Tag Team Champions and defeated Lucha Dragons to retain the gold on the first Takeover however lost the title to The Ascension on the May special. Lucha Dragons took the titles at the August Takeover however lost them the very next month back to The Ascension. They still hold them to this day proving their dominance over the division with wins over Lucha Dragons, The Vaudevillains and Enzo & Big Cass along the way. So now we head towards Wrestlemania for the first year and "stacked" doesn't begin to describe the top 6 matches on the card. Especially looking forward to the "Big Hoss" battle of Lesnar vs Owens. WRESTLEMANIA YEAR 1 WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bret "Hitman" Hart © vs Daniel Bryan Brock Lesnar vs WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens (non-title) Paul Wight vs The Undertaker Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bray Wyatt Shawn Michaels vs The Rock Seth Rollins vs John Cena I shall post up the results of 'Mania and Raw the night after once I've played them.
  15. There was something very therapeutic about watching Randy Orton RKO'ing everyone left, right and centre. Brilliant video. Looking forward to doing some of that myself come Friday.
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