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Status Updates posted by Oliber.

  1. Yo, how's it going? :)

    1. Kαятik


      Hey, man. Ime good. How are things? (:

  2. I'm a prince. Worldwide.

  3. Just noticed you became a Mod. Congrats sir. :>

  4. I'm sure I visited your profile before, cool, you're a Pinoy too. Cheers.


  6. PHOTOSHOOTS. Arghh.

  7. i have a crush on you, why don't you come back here? lolkbye.

  8. hey man, I want to thank you again for the PTs for Kane. As much as I want to update and show my progress, CC just won't work and I can't download some of the stuffs. Plus CAWs.ws changed... I'm still not familiar with it. Lol.

  9. Lol, thank you sir. I'm currently chilling to your Jonny Craig.. meow.

  10. Any hints on who will be your next project? or are you gonna surprise us again? XD

    btw, I noticed you like Arctic Monkeys too.. I'm like, the biggest fan of them here.

  11. here is my answer because I don't want to ruin Dyno's topic:

    a.)you could just PM him, he will be noticed of it more than the posts on his thread. You'll get a fast answer too.

    b.)I'm not better, I'm not even saying Xbox is better. I'm just saying you are a PS3 as you said, when you are a human (i believe).

    c.)Edge and Christian reeks of awesom...

  12. Will you be making Shane O mac this year?

  13. Thanks! Okay, crush ko na siya lol ,<3

  14. Who's on your avatar pare? :)

  15. Woohoo! ayos. Me too. Super straight edge lol.

  16. I see. Lol. Manila din ako, Quezon City and Manila.. anywhere.. Lol.

  17. Filipino? and straight edge? \(*,*)/

  18. Yup. Welcome to Caws, taga san ka? :D

  19. who's on your list of planned CAWS? :D

  20. One day I'll be as hot as them :P cheers!

  21. Cool profile, lots of men. lol.

  22. lolbaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnt!

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