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  1. What does everyone think of Mike Mondo? I think , along with Ziggler, he has improved in the ring, but not that much.
  2. Edwards have more fire to be the top guy, especially in his performance at the recent Global Tag league.
  3. I miss the Davey from '09-10. He puts on good matches every now and then these days, but IMO those were his better years.
  4. I don't know what happened too, but it would be awesome to see KENTA and Morishima back in ROH.
  5. ^ I saw that one too. Good match for a short time, I love those guys.
  6. Wow. If it's true, then ROH scored a really valuable player in Elgin.
  7. I don't follow ROH that much anymore, so I have a question. Is Davey defending the title on a reasonable basis? or is his NJPW excursion prolonging his title reign?
  8. Ciampa could be TV champion soon, though honestly I want Bennett to at least hold it for like a month and drop it back to Lethal.
  9. Recently been watching Beelzebub, gave me lots of laugh.
  10. by the way, what's happening on the TV title scene?
  11. Sometimes, ROH is boring sometimes it's great. The WWE had done damage to wrestling in the US that a real professional wrestling match can be viewed as boring. Not saying it's bad, but one can tell that after being used to watching sports entertainment that a puroresu style on American scene can be bland.
  12. Medabot anime is better than the manga, I remember playing Medabots on GBA.
  13. I agree with el fufu. Clannad, and Clanad : After Story was good. Also, try Honey and Clover.
  14. I don't watch ROH this days, so can anyone tell me if Maria is officially a part of ROH?
  15. I recently managed to buy a complete set of Law of Ueki and Law of Ueki + manga, and the complete tv series bundled with it. I have two LoU mangas before the purchase, that I found while cleaning my room. Picked it up, read it, then nostalgia kicked in so I decided to buy the bundle For those who have not seen it yet, it has a typical Shonen plot, with powerups and such, and it is short. The thing that made me love this manga though is Ueki himself, who's main selling point is his unselfishness. I kinda see myself on him, gotta dye my hair green soon lol.
  16. Looks like ROH and TNA will celebrate their 10 years of existence. This is unlikely, but I would love to see both companies to exchange talents even for one night.
  17. Steen is using f5 as his main finisher? hmm. I'm fine with that... but I think he needs to slim down a little. I miss not so fat Steen.
  18. Woah! I've been here for months.. (years actually ) and I never introduced myself. Hello! I'm Oliber. and I love this site since 2007, my day is not complete without a visit to this forums.
  19. Bennett is slowly growing on me, sometimes I think he's okay, sometimes I hate him for having Maria.
  20. Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that too. Though Satoh Takeru is a little skinny for Kenshin.
  21. I can't watch anime recently, so I just indulged myself with lots of mangas. Law of Ueki vol 1-10 for 23 $, I'm planning to buy the whole Death Note collector's edition.
  22. same here. and once it became more battle like, it became really good with the inclusion of those box weapons etc. I met the author, Amano Akira and she's really nice but told the convention she's planning on a romance themed manga.
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