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  1. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    even if it was some grand wrestlin heel stuff (and I very much doubt that it is)... It's absolutely *censored*ing shitty taste to do it in this time. H
  2. I liked the Full nelson bit from Lashley, but why the *Censored* would they just cut it off like that?
  3. I think it's come to a point that there needs to be concrete demands, legislature suggestions, or something... Don't get me wrong, I completely understand what do protestors actually want, but this way it will die down and again nothing will change. While on the other hand, I do understand that tere is or may be a fear of stepping up, because if somekind of organisation does, they could easily be branded as "terrorist". That shit that Trump spewed about making "antifa" a terrorist organisation wasn't something that I expect to happen (it's also very unclear if that would be unconstitutional) but it was a very clear warning shot. If a movement tries to step up more, they will spin it the way they want, and a good portion of the country will eat it up. I can also imagine that individual people have a fear of stepping up, since some of the leaders from the Ferguson protests have been murdered on their doorstep, or found in torched cars. Some of them are alleged suicides. I share the sentiment of EJ! also. I would also like that the looting doesn't happen, and I don't condone it. But sadly it's always a part of the riots, not just in the US. It happened also in Hong Kong, but I didn't see that it was so heavily taken in the account then. In Honk Kong after months and months of protests, 2 people died. In less than a week of Floyd protests, at least 5 are dead. And the examples of ongoing police brutality and tyrannical behaviour were the exact very reason for the protests. These kind of riots also get infiltrated by the police, by groups of people who want to make it look like the looting is the main reason and the main part of the protests. It is a complex thing, always was. Notice how the HK protests were never called "riots", but the narrative of the Floyd protests were quickly taken a hold as: "oh these are not protests, this is just pillaging and looting". Also, the international community is very *censored*ing silent about the whole thing. They were given shit how they don't have the balls to stand up to China in the wake of HK protests, but now, only some mild reactions by some organisations while the police reaction to the protests are much more brutal. In the end, all of this was to be expected at some point. It was a powder keg waiting to happen, frustrations, division on all kinds of fronts and opression have been happening for decades. And the worst part is, these protests won't bring to some structural reform. That's not the way this country was set up. There is always some hope that after Trump the country will begin to heal. But I don't see it yet. The cultual and civil degradation has been happening for decades and decades. Stay safe.
  4. I'm kind intrigued to see how will Pete react to Thatcher when they finally meet. I mean, it would be only reasonable for him to want to twist his fingers and kick the shit out of him, which I really want to see... But then again, for some reason, I could also see them team for a short while.
  5. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    Tbh I am not a fan of the sentiment: "WHY DIDN'T YOU SPEAK RIGHT AWAY!?".
  6. I groaned a lot of times with bucklebomb, especially if it's a smaller guy/woman that is taking it. and yeah... it rearely adds a lot to the match... so... yeah. I don't mind it.
  7. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    exactly. that's why I find this really positive. and big kudos for that.
  8. Same. But we will see how it goes. I'm only for restarting if the situation allows it. But with no audience, I think it can be done. I still feel like we are robbed of live title win celebration and all that it would bring
  9. tbh Corbin looks in the best shape since debuting. And really has improved a lot in the ring. And even though I still don't find him interesting... the King gimmick has done wonders for him.
  10. AONO.

    WWE Drama

    not "drama", but actually something positive, and I had no idea where to put it. You don't see this often.
  11. Had no idea Adam Pearce is so huge lmao
  12. add the retweet of a "a good democrat is a dead democrat". and every month we get to say "wow, this a new low"...
  13. Me not really liking WWE atm has nothing to do with Cena really. In fact, if he would appear more, I would definetely like it even less. I still groan everytime I see him on TV.
  14. I can totally see Nia getting the strap. Especially without Kairi Sane with Asuka. And putting Charlotte in that triple threat was only about trying to make Nia looks as strong as possible by beating the two of them.
  15. yeah, I wouldn't say he was underrated by the fans. But I would say they weren't that high on him due to injuries, they gave him a few smaller pushes, until they completely *censored*ed up BNB gimmick and stopped doing the promos that got hiim so over due to getting "opposite" reactions. That was probably the last straw for him too. Shame, I really liked his work, more as a character than in ring though. If they treated him better he would have stayed maybe as a non competing character.
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