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  1. add the retweet of a "a good democrat is a dead democrat". and every month we get to say "wow, this a new low"...
  2. Me not really liking WWE atm has nothing to do with Cena really. In fact, if he would appear more, I would definetely like it even less. I still groan everytime I see him on TV.
  3. I can totally see Nia getting the strap. Especially without Kairi Sane with Asuka. And putting Charlotte in that triple threat was only about trying to make Nia looks as strong as possible by beating the two of them.
  4. yeah, I wouldn't say he was underrated by the fans. But I would say they weren't that high on him due to injuries, they gave him a few smaller pushes, until they completely *censored*ed up BNB gimmick and stopped doing the promos that got hiim so over due to getting "opposite" reactions. That was probably the last straw for him too. Shame, I really liked his work, more as a character than in ring though. If they treated him better he would have stayed maybe as a non competing character.
  5. when is the last time Asuka wore that coat? and she has her old hear... I have a feeling Kabuki Warriors are no more
  6. yeah I don't mind these kibd of little builds. I've regular championship defenses for a while now lol I didn't watch SD so this handicap is a big WTF for me... no Fiend?
  7. can'put my finger on it since... to be fair he doesn't have much character to begin with... other than that he is a "dominant killer" or whatever... But that whole "doomsday" vibe seems off for a dude that looks like a inmate... And with that in mind... I don't get why Scarlett is there by his side...
  8. I really don't get what they see in Kross and why are they trying to make him a big thing... his look just doesn't mesh well with whatever persona they are trying to make up for him... it's just yuck and generic asf
  9. didn't expect Dream to be back against the UE, even though he kinda did lost dirty... At this point, the only one that makes sense to take the title from Cole. I love everything about Cole and the UE... but they need to close that chapter with Velveteen Dream. It will freshen up NXT a ton.
  10. I don't think they do tbh It's weird asf, but I don't mind it for some reason. I think it will be a better than most would expect.
  11. jfc, and the fact that it's valid to say "no surprise there", is horryfying.
  12. the *Censored*... lmao well yeah, I haven't managed to watch the whole thing yet
  13. Riddle vs Thatcher at in your house? OUCH. Also, I can't wait for Thatcer vs Dunne now...
  14. Vince having a heart attack live in an exploding chopper, after Cole beats Lesnar and Roman in a triple threat?
  15. tbh very smart how they got titles of Dunne/Riddle, implemented Thatcher, and at the same time make a feud with Riddle vs Thatcher... and above all put the tiles on IMPERIUM. Kudos who ever was in charge of this.
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