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  1. I really really hope they at least add the arena templates for some myrise arenas they had over the year, like mexico or the car park. I always make a terrible cheap FED that looks like something i would have the budget to make and the car park would be perfect. I at the very least hope they add a few more stage parts, like the current giant screen or the parts from showcase last years arenas.
  2. When was the RAW 2005 and Halloween Havoc arenas confirmed? I seen 2002 RAW in the stone cold pic but not 2005
  3. What matches do you think will be in the showcase? They are all based on John Cena loses. From the sound of it his debut against Angle is in and his summerslam with reigns in 21 finishes it. Say there is 10 matches, what do you think the other 8 would be, what are some of his biggest loses?
  4. Don’t give us godfather or Dx or any other myfaction locked character . Give us faze clan stuff that legit no one on the planet asked for. Terrific
  5. Why on earth would anyone want Gregory Helms over the hurricane? Unless it included the sweet glasses titantron
  6. Is everyone super excited for the BOOKER T Evo card? I hope we get to taunt 80 times to level him up, also do the same grab moves 90 times! the fun! I am gonna use him in 4 on 4 tag, then after that maybe i will be bold and try out a 4 on 4 tag, then when i have done that I will move onto the 4 on 4 tag.
  7. If say the dx Hbk and things could be unlocked everywhere I would probably be tempted to get a card. But my faction is so crap. The actual my faction mode gets old after 3 matches. Who wants to have the same 4 on 4 match 500 times? Proving ground is an endless mess of those 8 man ladder hell and iron man where you are trapped for 20 minutes in the same match. I just use my hogan and undertaker cards I got at the start of the game and never changed
  8. I hope they add the myfaction people to the main game. I know they probably want to try and sucker people into buying cards, but the my faction people you are stuck to whatever match they give you, so you cant pic the opponent you want, match type or even arena. there is no entrances either so it just sucks
  9. Does anyone have a good way to cheese the 8 man ladder matches? been playing through the proving ground and just having a miserable time every time I get to them. Its bordering on impossible just the ladder staying up. I know they want to make it tough so you are tricked into buying cards, but honestly even if you got a level 100 card with the best stats in the game it would make no differance because its all luck if you get enough time to grab it
  10. Is Umagas theme the wrong song or is it just starting at the wrong point? It sounds so close but every time i think the chants are coming i get teased.
  11. How can anyone love myfaction enough to report things for it. Locking different attires and things behind it sucks because there is no entrances, you cant pick arenas or match you just have to use them with what you are given. I have played some myfaction but I dont get how anyone would spend money on the cards for it. who honestly wants to deal with the endless stream of 4 on 4 matches and ladder matches it keeps giving you.
  12. I am stuck in a 5 way match in my rise . If I lose it makes me rematch and I can’t get out of it. It’s already a complete mess of people doing stuff. Everything just gets reversed. I have lost like 6 times now and I havn’t been the one pinned. Someone else gets pinned while I am stuck getting long drawn out moves that don’t give me a prompt to reverse. Anyone any ideas
  13. Those showcase matches are legit hell. The insane amount of objectives is awful and the amount I have failed just because the game doesn’t work great. The amount of springboards I have had to do 5 times because they won’t connect. Was almost done the final one and had to restart because the objective was to go to the top rope and the game just stopped letting me rey just jiggled at the corner and wouldn’t go up. So had to restart and after 5 springboards not connecting the and crashed. Whoever gave this game 8/10 is insane . It’s better then 2k20 for sure but it’s easily only a 6/10 game
  14. Thanks everyone that helped with my myrise issue. When I turned down moving from the PC to train more i assumed I would get a fresh DM about it, but I didnt I had to check the old one
  15. I seem to be trapped in my rise. I am still in performance centre and just loving at my phone I can’t change my location or move along at all. Is there something I have missed
  16. Sorry if this is stupid. It seems like I only get a prompt to reverse every like 6th move. I will be just getting things done on me with no prompt to reverse them. Am I don’t something terribly wrong here?
  17. I still can’t believe you can beat someone till they are bloody but the word “ass” is choppily cut out of road doggs entrance
  18. Played a few matches now. The controls really are pretty confusing
  19. Game froze during my very first entrance. Off to an amazing start
  20. I have relaunched and accepted the Eula twice now but it keeps saying I can’t go online till I accept
  21. I liked that year we got Like a single showcase match as DLC, I remember like Judgement day 2001 being in it you got a wrestler, who they fought against and the arena. I always like when Arenas are added.
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