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  1. They may as well push it back. The dreadful 2k20 and skipping a year really have broken the cycle for me. I have had every WWE game since WAR zone except battleground which was the first WWE I never bought (i eneded up getting it free with playstation plus but never actually played it) from the silence i assume this game will only be marginally less awful than 2k20 so i am pretty whatever with it now
  2. I hope they can get the pre pandemic RAW and Smackdown stages in since it looks like they are dead. the skateboard ramp Raw one was ok but the smackdown one was really cool. Way better than the universal Rectangle they are going with now, which is the laziest set I have ever seen. If 2K cant even quickly get that in the game it will be pretty sad as well. Its literally just one big screen. the lights are already props from previous games. It would take someone 20 mins to fire out the new arenas
  3. Also is it just me or is the Triangle prompt for reversals not always appearing. John Cena just beat me over and over again and it never appeared (I had full reversal meter) sometimes if I hit Triangle when I thought it might want me too it reversed but it just didnt show up a few times
  4. Has anyone else had where in the NXT UK arena if you leave the ring the camera gets trapped behind one of the balcony's and you cant see?
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