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  1. i kinda wanna see create-a-finisher return, with improved animations and a better interface, plus the ability to use he created finishers as regular moves
  2. i dont think that would be a feasible feature to implement
  3. kinda wanna see an NXT showcase, kinda like the who got NXT? mode from the last gen ports of 2k15
  4. i wish a good chunk of the male clothing items were gender neutral. if i wanna put a gi on a female superstar and make a kickass karate babe, then dammit, i should be able to! ok, that last line was a little playful, but my point still remains; many of the male clothing items would still work for a female superstar.
  5. i think the Poison Mist payback should be expanded upon in 2K20. The opponent should be affected more; as the mist is supposed to blind the target, the opponent should act like they're semi-blinded (stumbling around after getting misted, trouble connecting moves, entering a groggy state after being misted, etc). The player should also able to execute the mist from more positions, such as from the ground, in the corner, while groggy on the top rope, the apron, etc. as opposed to only being able to perform it from a standing position exclusively. also, the ability to use it as a reversal (by hitting the reversal button), should be an option as well; sometimes the poison mist attempt is reversed, because the startup is long.
  6. SvR06 had a mini game like that.
  7. i wanna see an "import CAW/Logo" option, so making the same CAWS over again wouldnt be frustrating.
  8. i think i mentioned something like that in a previous comment (mainly talked about bringing back pre-2K15 body morphing as a whole, though, but semantics)
  9. id like to see some CAW pieces from previous games make a comeback
  10. Im so hyped Johnny Cage is back. my favorite MK Kharacter
  11. ok, tweet the doc over the WWEGames' twitter. hope they see it (though i doubt it)
  12. i wanna see suicide dive dives over the ringposts, like the ones Ricochet did in PWG.
  13. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    youre probably just pulling my leg, but a lot of forums seem to have the standard set of rules you see on every forum (i.e, no harassment, threats, etc.), but i never knew if these forums have a no swearing rule. i just never swore here just to be on the safe side. besides, all the time ive been a member of this site, ive very rarely actually used the forums; i only really started to use the forums semi-regularly these past few months.
  14. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    well, until we get some clarification, guess all we can do is speculate
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