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    metal. rock. punk. hint of rap. alt.
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    canadian irish welsh swiss
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    music wrestling horror guitar
  1. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    youre probably just pulling my leg, but a lot of forums seem to have the standard set of rules you see on every forum (i.e, no harassment, threats, etc.), but i never knew if these forums have a no swearing rule. i just never swore here just to be on the safe side. besides, all the time ive been a member of this site, ive very rarely actually used the forums; i only really started to use the forums semi-regularly these past few months.
  2. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    well, until we get some clarification, guess all we can do is speculate
  3. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    Don't censor them yourself. Just say everything in full, the system will auto-censor it. If you try to do it manually, you might get tagged as trying to bypass censoring unintentionally, which is still against the rules. ok, gotcha. wish i could find a post detailing the rules of the forum
  4. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    well this turned into a shitshow, didnt it? (am i allowed to swear on the forums? if not, ill censor myself from here on.)
  5. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    well, i mean, as i said, the only headlines ive seen is that theyre just accusations, so maybe a clarification by either side, perhaps where his wife learned this information from. of course, it's not my place to demand more information, but maybe we will get some sort of clarifying statement from Corey (not a smartass remark, i mean) or Carmella. but again, it isnt my place to demand such.
  6. zeoalexo

    WWE Drama

    has it been confirmed Corey cheated? i know his wife said something about it, but has it actually been confirmed by Carmella and/or Corey? if so, that is a shitty thing to do, but all of the headlines ive seen is that it's only accusations at this point, at least from what ive seen. so it's kinda hard for me to give a solid opinion on the situation
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