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  1. Im so happy Kane is still around. Dude can still go
  2. How the *Censored* does KANE not get pyro? Seriously, why cant they afford to do any pyro anymore?
  3. If I can find a way to get all of the tac pouches (not sure if they have them as a separate top) over Deans vest Ill re upload it.
  4. I'm still glad they used the original Shield theme at the end. One of my all time favorite themes, no idea why they use Roman's for the intro. Anyway, Kurt looked damn good tonight. I was a little surprised to see him take that table bump however
  5. I've uploaded Kurt's attire from TLC tonight. Tags: ANGLE SHIELD ITSTRUE
  6. First thing I'm doing is making Kurt in Shield attire lmao
  7. I think they only did Romans theme on Monday. That was definitely the actual Shield theme both times
  8. Yeah, thats the real Shield theme. Romans is wayyyyy slower
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