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  1. imgur.com/a/kt4xg my Owens and Rollins WWE Pop! Vinyls came. Very good attention to detail (they even put his bull tattoo, but not his LIVE/EVIL one)
  2. Ordered the Rollins and Owens POP! Vinyls a couple days ago for a steal. $10 each at hot topic. Love those POP figures
  3. KO's new shirt is *censored*ing amazing
  4. Jesus I haven't posted a picture here in a while. From when I went to RAW last month (yes I'm aware my smile is hella bad)
  5. This game is *censored*ing awesome. Frieza race is fast as hell. Running a mixed build, ki attacks rape and they're already pretty strong because of their set armor
  6. Damn. AP seemed like such a good dude too. Can't believe that.
  7. RED SOX WIN! *Censored* THE YANKEES
  8. You have just became my favorite member on this site Also, Star Trek was never good
  10. Can't wait for the Yankees to start playing. Call me crazy but I actually favor them over the Sox
  11. I feel bad for anyone who payed $70 and thought Pac Man was gonna win.
  12. Aren't head kicks illegal like that in UFC? Thought they could only do that in PRIDE FC
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