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  1. hbk89

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Didn't see anything :/
  2. hbk89

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Saw a video which had new moves from the bump in the night DLC pack. There was a boss hug trifecta double team move. which is essentially a knee to the opponent in the corner. followed by a double knee meterora, followed by bayleys hangman neck breaker
  3. hbk89

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Am I the only one who is enjoying the game? I haven't come across any glitches or bugs (fingers crossed) I also havent created anything, so that might be something
  4. hbk89

    Women of WWE 2K20

    So glad molly is in. But disappointed with no ivory or jackie, was planning to have them on the NXT roster
  5. These look sweet as!! Love the Taya, Mieko and Io Shiroi. You've come such a long way since back in the day of requesting Rhianna and Nikki lol
  6. hahaha I haven't been on here in I don't know how long and still getting talked about. I haven't created CAWS in a long time. Tried to get into it a few years ago, but work has caught up with me. Now on topic, gotta say, great CAWS. Whenever I do get onto to play, I download your stuff. Nice work and keep it up!
  7. hbk89

    Women of WWE2K19

    Dont know if people have seen it. But there is a Titus world wide entrance with Dana in her manager attire ...
  8. hbk89

    Women of WWE2K19

    Just thinking, do you think it is possible trish may have two attires in the game? In the first screenshot where she was confirmed in during the tower mode, she had her cat suit attire from the raw main event. now she has WM XIX
  9. hbk89

    Women of WWE2K19

    Rousey is the highest rated womens character at 87... bliss, Beth, Charlotte, Alundra and I think Trish at 85 Asuka, Lita 84
  10. hbk89

    Women of WWE2K19

    One entrance which was missing was Trishs Theres another video on YouTube which shows it. Is also updated. She looks pretty good. Just watched the new moves and pretty impressed: Glam slam stretch. Litasault French TKO New twisted bliss. Second rope insult to injury And a whole lot more
  11. hbk89

    Women of WWE2K19

    Just trying to catch up on the 2K19 news. Trish finally has a new look. Hopefully other legends are updated like Lita
  12. When will your chyna be released? Downloaded your molly caw! fantastic
  13. definitely going to download that Abbey, Sarah and Candice once i get home and add to the Dakota and Toni Storm!! Nice work mate!
  14. I cant access any created content. It says use of content created by other players is not allowed for your account due to patent controls Ive seen this happens when you are playing with two or more people and if someone is signed in as a guest. However Im signed into my account not as a guest. Anyone know what I can do? Thanks.
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