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    I like a little bit of everything.
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    WWE, TNA, ROH, Chikara, CZW, WCW
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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you got in store. Hopefully a certain Mr. Jones is coming soon.
  2. Nice work. A bunch of bad asses over here. Indigo it. Blade looks like he's been through some stuff.
  3. Yeah. I stepped away from the game for awhile. But definitely want to try getting back into the swing of things. Thanks. Yeah. I'm surprised how many people are still around doing this CAW thing. Good to see some familiar faces. Thanks.
  4. Returning back to CAWs since... WWE '13, I think? Maybe. I don't remember. It's just been awhile. Anyways. Well. Let's get crackin'. First off. Adrian Taylor (my flagship character). Probably my longest running character I usually make. Started back in SvR 2007. Took through text based feds like LXW, APW, GCW, XWA, TNB, and probably others I'm forgetting. The hardcore gangsta is always ready to throw down with whoever wants to go to war.
  5. These are pretty awesome. Any plans for a Kagetsu CAW?
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