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  1. It was also the largest Wrestling event ever with 170,000 Fans who didn't know jack about wrestling.
  2. Don't talk bad about Bebo, Bebo is god.
  3. Instead of a shit ton of fillers like some animes (Naruto) they took a break so they didn't have a cluster of a story with a long ass arc with filler arcs that make no sense in the middle of it.
  4. Paige is friends with Ronnie Radke, just randomly popped up a video of them.
  5. It beat it's Thursday preview record, but POTC3 did 114M while Solo did 84M for the memorial day weekend
  6. Mayday Parade released a new song, that's all I need for a good day.
  7. God some of you are like children in here.
  8. Well, they had to get Arrow normal for the Crossover.
  9. OH SHI At the same time? Starting to sound like a movie I watched.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?V=4Xf0jQSP83I
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