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    Sasha Banks
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    Genre: Indie/Alternative Artists/Bands: 01. Mike Mains & The Branches 02. Hannah Lou Clark (Foe) 03. Timber Timbre
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    Red Velvet Anything
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    Overall: Being Human -- On Air: The Walking Dead/Vikings
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    Columbus, Ohio
  1. I'll be downloading the McIntyre for sure and most likely the Orton too. Thank you for all of your hard work, man. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. I also second the women's attires suggestion. I haven't seen anybody make a really good one of Liv from the Rumble and I also haven't seen anybody make an updated Kairi attire that has the logos intact.
  2. Okay so.. is there a way to download and use these attires without the custom logos getting erased? Specifically for The OC. I don't want to ask for the custom logos to make them myself because then I feel like people are just gonna steal them and upload them but I don't really know how else to make it since the custom logos disappear from everything. I really want to download all of these though.. a wish a patch would come out.
  3. Spoilers for Seasons 1 - 5 of The Walking Dead. If you wanna look at them, feel free to. I took some notes when I re-watched the series in the beginning of the year while Season 5 was on hiatus for the holidays and I thought you guys might like some of them. I have way more than this, these don't even begin to scratch the surface on what I have.
  4. Just wanted to say that I love your avvy. Okay, last movie I watched: 2.5/5 imo
  5. Comment on a post on Cena's FB. This isn't as cringeworthy as it is funny.. well, to me anyway.
  6. Watching ROH now.. gotta be honest guys, I ain't feelin' it
  7. Quite a few good movies listed on this page. Mine? Not that great. Into the Storm
  8. Can confirm. Stared at my TV for a good 30 seconds going "okay.. um.. why does it have to mess up now?"
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