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  1. I'll be downloading the McIntyre for sure and most likely the Orton too. Thank you for all of your hard work, man. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. I also second the women's attires suggestion. I haven't seen anybody make a really good one of Liv from the Rumble and I also haven't seen anybody make an updated Kairi attire that has the logos intact.
  2. Okay so.. is there a way to download and use these attires without the custom logos getting erased? Specifically for The OC. I don't want to ask for the custom logos to make them myself because then I feel like people are just gonna steal them and upload them but I don't really know how else to make it since the custom logos disappear from everything. I really want to download all of these though.. a wish a patch would come out.
  3. Have you thought about doing some people from the WWE ECW? I was wanting Big Daddy V as I just started doing an '07 Universe mode but there's no good ones online. The same goes for Kevin Thorn but if you were sticking to ECW Originals and the original brand, these are pretty freaking amazing. I've downloaded some of them myself. Thanks for all of your work, boss
  4. So uhhh.. don't wanna be THAT GUY but uh... any chance of you taking a shot at his and Matt's current attires?
  5. Absolutely love these attires too. I'll be downloading the Slot 8 ones very soon. The way that loser leaves WWE attire came out is great! You do great work, man
  6. Absolutely loving these attires man! I've downloaded all of your slots lol and really good job on the WM23 one. I wasn't sure if the paint was going to be doable but you found a way and it actually turned out really cool. Have you thought about doing any of his see-through shirt attires like from this year's Hell in a Cell or the green one from Shut Your Mouth or something? Thanks for all of your time and hard work. Can't wait to see what you do next!
  7. The ones I had in mind were WrestleMania 23 (not sure if you can do the pain on his arm/chest in the game) and this and maybe this? I was also looking around and I think I found a site that you'll be able to use for a lot of attires. I'm going to shoot it to you in a PM Also totally getting that stretcher match attire
  8. Thanks and nope, it's from WWE 2009. Can't find the actual date but here's the only 2 pictures of that attire I could ever find. Slot 5 uploaded and added to OP. Guess that's it for attires until I rank up, if I do that is. Totally didn't plan on breezing through these attires so quickly EDIT: Re-uploaded slot 5 after noticing a material issue on the camouflage attire. Oh dang I'd never seen that attire before lol would you be open to doing any requests? I had a couple in mind but if you already know what you're wanting to do then do you first and foremost. I'll definitely be downloading more later! Thanks for doing these, man.
  9. Keep up the good work man, I'll take Jeff attires all day. Is the blue and green tye dye attire from TNA?
  10. Spoilers for Seasons 1 - 5 of The Walking Dead. If you wanna look at them, feel free to. I took some notes when I re-watched the series in the beginning of the year while Season 5 was on hiatus for the holidays and I thought you guys might like some of them. I have way more than this, these don't even begin to scratch the surface on what I have.
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