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  1. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Tyler Morgan had returned back to SupremePRO from Japan and had went to his locker room to take a nap, he wasn't sure if their was going to be another card. He was waiting for Brian Church to make an announcement that they'd have to find new jobs with the news that SupremePRO would possibly be shutting down. Would their be new management or what? Who knows. Stay tuned to find out.
  2. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Tyler Morgan leaves the arena and back to his Hotel room, he had won the match and had kept his promise where he stayed that he'd do whatever it takes to win. He took advantage of the ref not looking and capitalized on that. Now he's that much closer to the World Title! However he was down a bit that he hadn't won cleanly tonight. But nevertheless he is in his hotel room celebrating. He's face timing his family it's been a good night! Good Night Tokyo, tomorrow he flies back to California.
  3. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Today had a been a good day for Tyler Morgan. He was at the arena doing a lot of Promoting for the PPV. He did a lot of Q&A Sessions some interviews here and there. Just answering some questions. He even watched a fund raising match of Cody Rhodes vs. Yoshi Tatsu. What Yoshi Tatsu was doing here I don't know, but yeah he beat Cody Rhodes, that's funny. Anyways Tyler Morgan is now sitting in his locker room trying to think about how he's going to go about defeating Marcus. He's got to do whatever it takes to beat him. That's the only way he's going to boost himself to the front and be closer to a world title match. He can't afford to lose.
  4. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Tyler Morgan having arrived in Japan would check into his hotel room. He was gonna go and explore Tokyo see what there is to see. First item on the list is visit the Meiji Shrine. Tyler would grab a little backpack as he leaves his Hotel Room. He's got to do as much exploring as he can today because tomorrow is an all day event promoting SupremePRO Tokyo, so of course he's going to be there.
  5. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Well Tyler and Jake had lost their match the other night which doesn't give Tyler the best momentum going into his match on Sunday. He had a lot on his mind and a lot of pressure on him. He needed to beat Marcus. Not just for these past events, but for the history in MCW as well. The rivalry between them builds and each match they have against each other becomes more and more to fight for. Tyler finishes backing his suitcase as he calls for a cab to take him to the airport. Time to fly to Tokyo. He's got a match, after this match he will be that much closer to the World Championship.
  6. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Jake Morgan -/\- The Lone Wolf Both of the Morgan Brothers sit inside their locker rooms as they feel an eerie feeling that they haven't felt since the ending of MCW. But they continue to take it one day at a time, right now focusing on their upcoming Tag Team Match. They'd be taking on Marcus and The Scorpion. Samantha Taylor Samantha Taylor is in her locker room talking on her phone to her friends, their talking about girl stuff and shopping and all that cool stuff. She's just in a good mood because she has a match coming up on Wednesday against the Women's champion herself Yoshino!
  7. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast I guess that's just what Marcus gets for not paying attention. He was too busy laughing at Tyler for winning by DQ that he didn't even see a Morgan Stunner coming. Now who's laughing now? With Tyler getting his Morgan stunner that makes him much more comfortable as their PPV match comes closer. Just please hope and pray a monster truck doesn't show up. We do not need another one of those. Last Tyler got Powerbombed off of a Monster Truck and was out of Wrestling for two years. He can't afford that with him being close to the World Title as he is now. Tyler would walk backstage as the house show came to an end. He'd walk into the cafeteria as he heard commotion. He'd ask a nearby worker. Whats going on? The worker would pull up a live video feed. We've got a new DDT Champion! Tyler would watch the feed as the janitor runs into the kitchen area and smacks one of the chefs in the back of the head and rolls him up for a 3 count as a ref waltzes by. Winner and new DDT Champion: Leroy the Janitor! Leroy would take his title from the chefs waist and walk out of the kitchen. Tyler would just stare into space wondering what the hell he just watched.
  8. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Tyler Morgan is sitting in his room holding his DDT Pro Wrestling Heavymetal Ironman Championship in his hands as he smiles at it. Good god that's too many words for a title. Anyways he's sitting in his locker room. He's also got a water bottle in his hand he takes a drink from his water bottle and as he's drinking his Brother comes in and he has his hands behind his back. Tyler turns and looks getting to his feet. Hey Jake... whatcha got their Nothing, keep enjoying that water. seriously though, quit messing with me. Tyler would walk over and grab his title but as he's grabbing his title his brother would club him over the head with a Briefcase before dropping him down and pinning him. A ref who just happened to be outside the room would run in and count the pinfall. 1! 2! 3! Winner: Jake Morgan! Jake would get to his feet and begin crying as he just won his first ever title! His brother is probably going to be livid when he wakes up. But Jake proudly walks out of the room as the new DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Ultra cool this is too annoying to word out Champion!
  9. The cameras begin rolling and it shows a pair of nice dress shoes. As the camera pans up you see some dress slacks and a suit and tie and finally the face of....... Tyler Morgan, he's got a title over his shoulder. It's not any SupremePRO Championship. Nope, it's the DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast I bet you're wondering how I got this title. Well allow me to tell you. All of a sudden the view changes as if the viewer is actually seeing the scene for themselves. The scene changes to outside a house, its late at night. A car pulls up to the house and out steps two people one of them is Tyler Morgan and the other is a referee. I'm here outside of Joey Ryan's house in Los Angeles California. He recently brought the DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship onto one of our house shows. I'm here right now at his house to win that title. It's late and Joey Ryan should be asleep, so I'll just go in pin him while he's asleep and take the title back to SupremePRO!! Here with me is an official DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship certified ref. So he's going to assist me in counting the pinfall. Let's go! Tyler closes the car door as him and the ref walk up to the door. The camera follows as Tyler Morgan tries to open the door but it's locked. He stops and thinks for a moment before checking under the door mat and finding a spare. He unlocks the door and enters the house. He looks back to the ref and holds a finger to his mouth to signal to be quiet as he walks toward a shut door. He opens the door slowly and sees a body under blankets in the bed. He walks over and gives a thumbs up to the ref as he counts to three with his fingers before belly flopping onto Joey Ryan and hooking the leg. But wait, it's not Joey Ryan. It's a bunch of pillows stuffed under his blanket to be a disguise. ITS A TRAP!!! The lights flick on as we see Joey Ryan at the door. Gotcha! Tyler gets to his feet and stands up on the bed as he lounges at Joey Ryan and taking him down. He lifts him to his feet and guides him out of his room. He Irish whips him into the kitchen and throws him over the kitchen table knocking down a vase as he walks over and lifts him up to his feet. He then lifts him up and hits him with a spinebuster through the table. Tyler walks over and grabs a a cushion from the couch as he walks over and shoves it in the face of Joey Ryan smothering him. He starts flipping out but eventually goes limp as Tyler sits on him and the ref counts . 1! 2! 3! Winner: Tyler Morgan Tyler removes the cushion as Joey Ryan isn't moving. Tyler looks at the camera and shrugs as he gets to his feet and grabs his DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship and walks out the door. The scene changes back to the interview room where Tyler sits with the title over his shoulder and smirks. Oh yeaaaaaah!
  10. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Well Where is Tyler Morgan at the moment, well he is currently at the gym doing a little training session. He was hoping he'd be able to have a longer one but he was interrupted by a certain interviewer by the name of Fate Evans. Hey Tyler, we'd just like to ask you a few questions about the events of Wednesday Night. Do you have a few moments. Tyler who was in the middle of a set of crunches would stop and sit up, obviously annoyed by the look on his face. But he'd give a really sarcastic smile towards Faye Evans. You want to know how I feel about what happened Wednesday Night. I'll tell you what happened. And I'll give you my "thoughts" as well. I had a great match against Jackie Bruce. I destroyed him. After that I explained why I rightfully deserve a rematch for the world title. Wouldn't you agree. Well- Shhhh! Don't say anything, I don't want to hear your opinion. Anyways, I was for sure either Gabriel Gospel or Brian Church we're going to come out there and I was going to prove to the world that I deserve this. But a certain someone who really has just been a monkey on my back for a lot of my wrestling career decided to come out again and do what he does best. Getting in the way. Yes, I'm talking about Marcus. He made me look like an idiot out there. I obviously know I've had a lot of chances for the title, but you know what. I've earned those chances! I've built my way up each time, and as long as I have an opportunity I'll take it. Anyone would do that! The only reason Marcus isn't trying to get back his universal championship is because he wants to push me back so he can get a shot at the world title. Well guess what Marcus? I'm five steps ahead of your plan and not only did you make me look like an idiot but you made yourself look like a coward. You dished out a lot of garbage but you couldn't back it up. You were afraid to come down to the ring and deal with me the way we do in this company, not only that but you insulted my family. You tried to turn my brother against me. I also recall you having an interview a while back where you told my brother Jake that I would turn against him. Well newsflash, I care about my brother and even though I say things that don't always prove it. I do care about him, and I know he's better then you and he can destroy you too. Which we all saw him do. But right now this isn't between Jake and you, this is between Me and you, Jake can get his hands on you after I'm done! But I'm warning you right now that I will get my hands on you and I will help you know your place in this company. You've pissed off the Beast and I'm coming for you. Your next on my Hitlist. Your the next one who will fall victim to the Supreme Beast. With that Tyler would grab his water bottle and leave the gym leaving Faye Evans standing there before she slides her hand across her throat to signal to turn the cameras off.
  11. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Jackie Bruce huh? Having just finished a sparing with a trainer he looks at his phone. Of course the card was posted a while ago but Tyler hasn't looked at the card yet. Well Tyler has never faced Jackie Bruce but he plans on making a statement out of Jackie Bruce. He's gonna prove that he is the best in the business. Samantha Taylor Having her first tag team match she's going to be be teaming up with the champion herself Yoshino! Sammy is so excited. She hopes that her and Yoshino can work together to beat the Legion! Sammy can currently be found in her locker room watching some Netflix.
  12. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Tyler Morgan walks backstage after the house show. After another victory he put away his opponent with his devastating Morgan Stunner, but the thoughts that keep coming to him is why he's not champion right now. How come it didn't work at Toronto. He had multiple times where he had Danny Acton pinned for the three count and the ref wasn't there to make the call. Why is this, well. It's because of his Brother. Tyler would scowl, before making his way down the hall. Samantha Taylor She'd done it! Defeating Gothic Chick with her SammySault! Oh she was so happy she was in her locker room jumping up and down. She grabbed out her phone and called her family, her dad picked up the phone. Daddy! I did it! I won! We know! We saw the whole thing! Good job! Sammy was so happy what a great day!
  13. Jake Morgan -/\- The Lone Wolf What the F*ck!? Jake sits on his couch in his locker room having just watched Amaydo's interview. He feels very disturbed right now after watching that. So Amaydo beat him... Now that 1 and 1 Jake just needs a comeback! It's not over yet Amaydo. Your jacket won't save you again. Jake gets up and heads out the door to the cafeteria. It's time for him to get a steak. And it better be as rare as can be. Or he will flip tables!
  14. Samantha Taylor Ahhhhhh! Sammy begins jumping up and down.My very first match! I mean sure it's not televised but we will let her have her fun. Tyler Morgan -/\- The Supreme Beast Well this sucked, Tyler wasn't competing tomorrow and for the first time in a while he was scheduled on a house show ups against a man he had never heard of by the name of Wesley Hope, the only Wesley he know sis the Dreadful Pirate Roberts who we find out is actually Wesley! Could Wesley Hope be the dreadful pirate Roberts? These are the questions of the soul.
  15. Samantha Taylor A black SUV pulled up into the parking lot of the arena. After finding a parking spot and the car turning off. The drivers ice door opened and out stepped a women. She was wearing a red and white plaid shirt dress, with some skinny jeans. She had the plaid shirt unbuttoned and she was wearing a white long sleeved v neck tee. She was also wearing a scarf around her neck and some high heels on. She walked in through the doors and smiled looking around. She was a very friendly person. Walking down the halls she greeted a janitor. You're doing a great job! She'd continue down until she had found her locker room. She pulled out of her purse a key that she was given and unlocked the door and walked in. She placed her purse on the table and took a deep breath and exhaled. Time to make this Californian Dream a reality!
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